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Winning design #118 by YAD, Logo Design for Go Electronic Cigarette Contest
Gold Medal

designed by YAD

Project description

We need a fresh new logo for our Go Electronic Cigarette. should have GO! in it with the exclamation point with electronic cigarette under it. Looking for a unique take possibly with a pictoral mark or emblem. also needs a small TM

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  • I have submitted entry #14 as a simple, modern, yet effective design. The word GO combine to form the cigarette while the exclamation mark forms the illuminated tip. I believe it conveys the feel of your brand based on your website. I can change any colors if desired.
  • Your entry is too much like entry 9 http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/go-electronic-cigarette/entry/13
  • Try logo with some arrows
  • needs an exclamation point GO!
    • good day CH.. Thank you for the message.. i uploaded the latest revised design.. Thank You...

  • Hello, I submitted #1 and #2 as proposals, I will continue to send more. My thought process in #2 with the different color smokes would be that if you have different products (i.e menthol product, red product, special blend type product) each would use a different color logo on the packaging. Let me know if there is anything youd like to see from these.
  • Can you possible give a little more insight as to how you would like this logo to be done?
    • Please go to goelectroniccigarette.com and have a look, the logo should have the look and feel of the site. I want the word "GO!" to be big and electronic cigarette to be smaller maybe under the word "GO!" would like to see variations using a pictoral mark - word mark - letter form

  • make arrow like #44
    • Thanks for your feedback. I unfortunately have reached my limit for designs. I am trying to contact a mod to possibly get approval to submit revisions.

    • ok the design can work just need the revision to see it

  • the design is good but it doesnt look clean
    • hello there. thank you for appreciating my entry. do not hesitate to ask or provide suggestion to my entry. i am open and willing to do whatever you suggest.

    • go back to #36 and clean up the edges on the letters and exclamation point they dont look straight . also do another one like #36 with no cigarette in the middle

  • hi ch, any comment on #42 !!? other than the metal boarder that you mentioned in the below comment... regards binkula
  • Do a metal border like #42
  • liked it better with the arrow
  • the arrow looks off, also the design needs a gradient also you spelled cigarette wrong
  • put an arrow on the O like #57 and make the GO level with the exclamation point
    • #73 is for your consideration. Sorry, I can't put the arrow on the O, since this concept was used by other designer in this contest

    • I respect this honesty. Hats off to u... regards binkula

  • Can you make the GO! fatter?
  • I like the concept but its hard to make out that it says GO also needs an exclamation mark and a TM
  • can you do one with a pictoral mark?
  • dont like the snowcaps on it. did you change fonts? colors like numbers 80 or 90 and old font
    • #98: Christopher, font is the same, but slightly modified. You asked me to make GO part the same height as the exclamation point. Here it is. I removed glares (aka snowcaps :))

  • make the GO the same height as the exclamation point dont just shorten the exclamation point like you did in #73. also please make the GO and top of exclamation point a blue color and make the 3 bars a gray color. thank you really like it though
  • Very nice! any way to make the O more visible and make the top of the g more a smoke shape . I really like the concept and execution though
  • really like the roka and redline logos you did. something like that would be great. maybe make something cool with an arrow
    • YAD

      thank you ch,.. how bout this one.. #90 if you like any color change dont hesitate to ask :)