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Winning design #178 by eshtiyak, Logo Design for Go Powersports Contest
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designed by eshtiyak

Project description


We're taking a fresh approach to the powersports industry. We need a sweet logo!

Powersports...? Yup, it means we sell and service SkiDoos, SeaDoos, Cam-Am ATVs, and side-by-sides. Very cool.

Now, you might think we want a logo that is all about engines and grease and oil––lots of machismo with waving checkered flags...

Well, no.  In fact, we want just the opposite.  


Go Powersports is a new BRP dealer. That means we will sell and service SkiDoos, SeaDoos, Cam-Am ATVs, side-by-sides (these look like dune buggies), and Spyders (three wheel motorcycles). See BRP.com to have a good look at these machines.

With so many products, our target market is wide. And because most dealers tend to target the masculine, blue collar, technical set, they are forgetting that professionals, women, youth and baby boomers are also part of their target audience.

In general, powersports dealers tend to be heavy on machismo and light on customer service--you know, they don't smile much and when you go in their stores you walk around for 15 minutes and nobody says hello.

Well, this is NOT Go Powersports. We are very friendly and we aim to make customers welcome and to give them an exciting buying experience.

Everyone will feel welcome in our store, no matter what their sex, age or level of experience. Although we are very professional, everything about us says, "Hey, what's up? Wanna see something fun?"

So remember, we're not an ordinary powersports dealer! We are fun, exuberant, energetic, and happy (it's incredible, but most dealers are none of these!).


While colour is an important part of expressing these attributes, I envision a logo that could be used in a multitude of different colours depending on the situation. 

I also imagine a meme (if that's what you call the design element that's not included with the text) being used alone (on a shirt, a cheque, or a decal). When included with the text is could be used as separator within the name --- go*powersports.  The skateboarding company triple Eight does this (www.triple8.com).  This is just a thought...


I'm not a designer (that's why I need your help), these are just some ideas.  PLEASE bring your own.


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  • Thanks everyone. We are still reviewing the designs. More soon.
  • I cannot attained 100 rating , To me 40 rating is just below average :( , although I had tried my best.
    Problem is ... I'm using this site for the first time, I usually work on 99designs.com (https://99designs.com/profiles/981223) ... anyway I'll learn as time passes.
    Thanks for all of your comments! #178
    • @eshtiyak Me too.

    • @avo FYI: Plz check you entry (https://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/go-powersports/entry/291)and winning deisgn of this contest (https://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/magnet-the-manufacturing-advocacy-and-growth-network/entries/) visually they are very close to eachother.

  • Hello. My design # 317. I think you will like it.)))
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    Dear Mr/Mrs @Go Powersports, I hope this design make you have fun. It's smiling, thank you!
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  • I have imagined "GO" as a BRP vehicle taking a jump start with splash of snow, water or dust (it depends on which vehicle is there)
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