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Winning design #771 by netzee, Logo Design for Goblin Hammer Contest
Gold Medal

designed by netzee

Project description

I currently have a mascot and I'd like the text to work with the mascot. I've included the mascot png file so you can reference it.

The logo should say:

"Goblin Hammer" (without the quotes)

The background of the website will probably be white. There should be a space between "Goblin" and "Hammer"

Here are examples of text style I'm looking for (in no particular order):


I'm looking for something fluid. Something where it looks similar to brush strokes that have been written thousands of times. It should feel effortless with a feel of finesse with an absence of intentional strokes in the lines.

* I'm thinking the mascot should be on the left and the Goblin Hammer text should be on the right. As this will be shown in the upper left hand corner of the website.

* I'm also thinking perhaps there should be a version where the mascot is heavily integrated with the font. Similar to old books where the first letter is heavily ornate like a drawing. (This is an idea. Not sure.)

Don't be afraid to get really creative!

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  • I used design contest a really long time ago and the ui has changed a lot. I remember there being a way to receive the files. I sent a message to the admin so I should receive an answer by tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. #831
  • This is my design if you want any changes, I am ready for that, I hope that you like the design, if you have any comments before the completion period, thanks #828
  • CH, i am submitting my other design. #822
  • CH, i am submitting my design. #820
  • About #709, @GJR Could you also put up a version where Goblin Hammer is all in a single line?
    • GJR

      @rotaercz Thank you for your feedback. I have added designs #788 & #789 for you. Thanks!

    • GJR

      @rotaercz I have also added #812. Thanks.

  • Thanks you #802
  • Ch, I tried uploading the .psd file but the system doesn't allow it, so I have uploaded Individual transparent .png version please check. Thank you!
  • ? #794
  • @rotaercz please have a feedback on my designs . thanks! #783
  • @rotaercz goblin hammer #782
  • @rotaercz GOBLIN HAMMER #781
  • @rotaercz GOBLIN #780
  • other the font .
    i hope you like this Sir . #775
  • i make script unique font .
    how about this Sir?
    give me an input of my design?
    thank you .

    Best regard,
    Vichor #774
  • Hi there

    Flat colour version and a slightly gradiented version below
    Colours are taken from the goblin with the Eyedropper #773
  • :-) #752
  • Thanks You #751
  • Thanks You #750
  • #748
  • Comment Please #743