There weren't very many creative submissions. We finally found a design that we liked but it required a lot of feedback.

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Winning design #56 by Jaraigo, Logo Design for GoCone Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jaraigo

Project description

We are a local food company in San Diego founded by two UCSD engineers. We want to satisfy San Diego's hunger by serving bread cone meals for people on the go. Each customer can select their cone type, filing, and toppings. One perfect example of our product is the sourdough bread chili cone topped with green onions and sour cream. This logo will be used on all off our marketing items: banner, sunglasses, t-shirts, and website. Here is the facebook link and twitter link with some of the R&D work we are doing. Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/goconesd https://twitter.com/GoConeSD After getting some submissions, colors that we don't want are brown and green. Pull inspiration from the colors of delicious foods. Utensils in the logo are acceptable, but we'd like to stay away from the concept of using a fork and spoon to eat our product. We would like people to enjoy this food on the go, rather than a sit down table meal. As more submissions are entered, we'd like to make something clear. We are looking for a logo that goes beyond the word "GoCone" and an image of a cone. It's blatantly obvious to put those two together to make a logo. Submissions that extend into something creative and unique really capture our attention. What are your favorite foods? What would YOU like to see in a delicious bread cone? Take inspiration from the kitchen, the ingredients, and its unique shape.

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  • The cone image looks good. We like the way the bread swirls upwards, although some more texture or shading will make the bread look amazing. Less detail on the stuffing will be better, we are looking for a simple image and don't want to pay for multiple colors if we decide to put these on t-shirts or mugs. The style of the lettering and coloring is too playful. We would like it to look clean and professional with "GoCone" as one word.
    • Thank you very much for the advice, I hope to receive more feedback on the new design I have uploaded #23

  • Also experiment with white back on the lettering like in the bottom left submission of #10
    • Thank you for your very much appreciated feedback. =) Submitted entry #14, #15, #16 and #17 for the revision you requested... Do want to see colored design on black background?

  • The white outline looks great. We like the contrasting curves inside the lettering and the underline. Orange and red looks great. Some improvements, the fork has 5 tines which is distracting, try experimenting with some designs that do not have utensils incorporated.
  • Not crazy about green and blue, the cone looks great though. We like your other designs better. Focus on modifying those to our responses please.
  • Your bottom left design looks great on the black. We are not crazy about the blue on the lettering. We'd be interested to see the bottom left design with the colors of submission #11. The white shadowing on the bottom left design is superb.
  • Great design, we really like it. A one modification that we would like to see. "GoCone" as one word would be preferable. The yellow to red transition in the lettering is very appetizing.
  • We like the font, it's clean and professional. Incorporation of the cone into the lettering is creative and looks good. We have an issue with the colors, blue and brown aren't appetizing. Shoot for warm colors!
    • Thank you for your feedback. Kindly see the revised designs.

  • Looks cheap and photoshopped. Lacks creativity. Would like "GoCone" as one word. No shadowing on the letters. Letters do not have to be brown.
    • It is called gradient mesh took forever to do sorry your loss!

  • Boring, colors are unappetizing, doesn't portray delicious foods in bread cones.
  • Starting with the lettering, we are looking for more appetizing colors. The brown "Go" doesn't sit well with a company that sells food. The cone image does not look like something you want to eat, the green and brown sprinkles do not look good. Feel free to put any food type inside the cone. Be creative!
  • Hi about #36 is just to show some examples of how you can use the main cone to later change the filling to match different meals :) Hope you also like #35 Jaime
  • Perhaps remove the filling and leave the cone empty. Thanks.
    • Submitted #34 for the revision... Thank you for the constructive feedback. I removed the fillings and returned to the previous shape of the cone with darker shading... have a nice day

  • See feedback for submission #31, thanks
  • We like that you did something different, but the font is difficult to read.
  • Please reshape the cone, our shape is not swirly. It has a distinct cone-like shape that is slightly curved, kind of like the end of a baguette but a bit pointier. We are still not sure what the figure is supposed to be, perhaps something more identifiable would be better. Thanks!
  • The bread cone looks more appetizing, but looks more like the end of a bread loaf and less like a cone. Perhaps use the shading and color of that cone and merge the shape of the previous cone and this one. That would best represent the actual shape of our cones. The filling does not look appetizing.
  • See comments from #27
  • We like that you removed the scratchy black outline around the cone. We like the solid lettering without the white background like in your previous submission. We like that you experimented with the the stuffing, they look better than any other stuffing submitted, however they still do not look appetizing. We like the look of the empty cone better.
  • We like the creativity of the cone moving. The exclamation points don't really portray the deliciousness of the food we are trying to serve. GoCone should be one word, breaking it up into two lines creates confusion on that.
  • GJR
    your entry is too similar another designers work https://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/gocone/entry/21/