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designed by menggo

Project description

Pronounced God-en-rick, we are a startup management consulting group targeting business executives, CEOs, Presidents and Owners. The meaning of Godenriq is quite literally "God enriches". Also, from the Anglo-Saxon Godric meaning "Power of God".

Godenriq is the company and Bishop is the object of the training. What we "do" is train bishops but who "we are" is Godenriq. We take managers and leaders to the next level and make them into Bishops.

Godenriq has four sub-themes, one central theme and a vision. The four sub-themes are as follows:

1. Rewriting Your Scripts to improve yourself
2. Being the Best Boss in treatment of others
3. Navigating Interactions with peers
4. Managing Your Resources to take and lead your market

Central to all these themes is the following: Stay On Purpose

The vision of Godenriq is Good Faith and Fair Dealing and As I Prosper You Prosper.

The look and feel of Godenriq is best summed up in this paragraph:

Our reputation for excellence in all things will be the Godenriq niche and the Godenriq standard. Both classy, luxurious and exceptional. We are not repackaged seminar materials. We share innovative business and personal truth that improves lives and organizations forever. Godenriq helps you put a ding in the universe.

Recurring themes in our training material:
- Wisdom
- Strategy
- Management
- Leadership
- Calm
- Nautical
- Power (Energy)
- Experience (Wise Old Man)
- Bishops, Kings and Castles

Avoid overdoing:
- Chess as it relates to bishops
- Religious icons as it relates to bishops

By now I hope you have a good idea of the flavor: elegant, timeless classic with a modern twist. The logo should include one iconic element that can be the center of the brand. Something that can be worn on shirt cuffs and tie pins. Something that can be engraved into pens. Both monograms and icons will be accepted. If more than one letter will help creativity then use both "G" and "W". However, the "W" should be subtle. Cleverness is a plus but too clever can become a distraction.

Colors: As the professional you know best.

Gender: The name Godenriq has a lot of built in curves but it's namesake Godric is masculine. The design should emulate boldness and power. We want Trump to be envious and Warren Buffet to wonder why he wasn't invited (exaggerated for clarity).

I appreciate you reading this very long description and good luck.

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