Off Grid Eco-Lodge, with Immersive Nature Activities

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Project description

We are a remote, off-grid eco-lodge that provides immersive nature experiences to guests, while staying in a rustic lodge serving wholesome, delicious food. We are nestled in a protected bay (which is the origins of the name), and are the only development on Hurst Island. We don't have a physical location, only GPS coordinates. We run scuba diving trips to the best cold-water diving in the world, run kayaking trips around the nearby cluster of islands, and provide space for mindful retreats, like yoga and meditation. Our most frequent visitors are whales and eagles.

We would like a logo that emphasizes that we're on a island and how remote, rustic and immersed in nature that we are. We want to disassociate from any religious connotation coming from the name 'God's Pocket'. We are open to ideas, but like the idea of using our initials 'GP', using the shape of the island (or surrounding islands) somehow, or using a tree of life style logo. We don't want to anchor to any one activity (eg. adding a dive flag, or yogi), but are open to any ideas of animals or a lodge in nature.

insta: gods_pocket_resort
location: 50°50'25.0"N 127°35'30.0"W

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  • feedback please #304
  • I tried again to develop few logo for your needs, I had shown a design that was firm, strong and sporty. characterized by a lot of pointed sides like arrows that circled continuity currents and then directed to one destination, in new design I tried to showing that nature is soft, dynamic, contains happiness and enthusiasm to grow, we still have two days for work more hard and get the final logo that you need, best regards from indonesia #291
  • Hi, please help consider this design with thanks.
    Any your comments will be important... #271
  • A subtle update. #256
  • HI #255
  • #251 #252
    new design, please comment.
  • #251 #252
    new design, please comment.
  • Hi! Could you take a look at design number 249 & 248 please. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Have a lovely evening!
  • Another ideas from previous designs, I reduced some of the decorating elements and focused the ideas on the letters G and P which were the subject of the logo #245
  • Hi ceckbo ...

    Still on the same concept. Please understand according to your beauty.
    Hopefully fit,


    Bigisgis. #244
  • Hi ceckbo

    Dengan memberikan inisial GP pada logo tersebut dan juga baground view logo resort yang mewakili bangunan tersebut di atas air.

    Mengenai warna selalu sy sesuaikan terhadap kondisi alam serta karakter di segi material bahkan pengunjung #243
  • HI #241
  • My next design,
    Have a good time watching #237
  • Hi ceckbo

    Chocolate color is very influential on the moment of pleasure even love. Hopefully with this one design I can please you, and I will continue to make new innovations

    Greetings, happy #236
  • Hi ceckbo ..

    Next I present the GOD'S POCKET logo with GP letter initials that resemble an island,
    and a combination of 2 colors: sea green & white , representing the sea & island,
    Hopefully you will be pleased

    Best wishes

    Bigisgis #235

  • Hi, My name is abdou and this is what I propose for your project. It's modern and professional. Please let me know what you like and dislike about the design. I'm happy to further refine it based on your needs

    Please rate my design and tell me for required changes.
    So that your expectation can be met.

    Awaiting for your kind comments.


    Regards/ #226
  • I have read the brief that you delivered, then I created a design for the needs of your logo, in this logo design, I prioritize dark blue and gold even though I also test it into other colors, I see the potential that you have in such a remote place, natural resources and abundance, whales, eagles, forests, seas, etc., that is what I then use in the creation of this logo, but of course not in general view, creativity should be more developed beyond the formal form. But, sorry if I did not enter the shape or idea about a building, the word "resort" in the text below the logo clearly stated it was a building. #219
  • GODS POCKET #218