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Winning design #58 by senadneslan_juventus, Logo Design for Gold Bull of Scottsdale Contest
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designed by senadneslan_juventus

Project description

We are a brand new jewelry store in Scottsdale, AZ. Our jewelry designs are luxury, elegant, rich diamond, platinum, gold, silver and white gold pieces. 

We want the public to know that we are a jewelry store. We need a logo to incorporate the gold bull plus the luxurious look of the jewelry, and we are open to ideas as to how to blend the two (gold bull and jewelry.) We love the idea of having the G and the B together (as an example: Louis Vuitton logo) but also need it to say Gold Bull of Scottsdale somewhere in the design. We are open to having a picture of a full body bull, or just the face of the bull. We like 3d logos but if you can create an impressive design without 3d, we are open to that. Our business colors are gold, black and white. 

We are really looking for that WOW! factor when picking our top selection. Future projects for the winner will include: website and business cards (if portfolio shows experience.)

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  • Thank you for the opportunity
  • Hi ameras,

    Hope you like the design.. awaiting reply.

    Regards #74
  • Another design is submitted. Hope u would like it. #73
  • Custom font #67
  • Two different fonts and uploading a matching custom font #66
  • About #65, @alexnina1 Absolutely, will change the font
  • About #65, @alexnina1: this is a really cool design - can we see what it would look like with a different font? (a style that pops more)
  • About #62, @halugraphics: this one is great too! I actually like it more than the other one - thank you!
  • About #58, @senadneslan_juventus: wow! thank you!
  • About #47, @halugraphics: great - thank you!!
    • @ameras thanks to you , another design #62

  • About #40, @sutiaharjo: thank you for changing the color!
  • About #43, @savina: thank you for your entries! these all look great!
  • About #46, @cobalt: this is great - thank you!!
  • About #41, @senadneslan_juventus: this is great! can we see what the diamond would look like in a diamond color?
  • About #29, here's #46 with diamond tail , exactly like first design entered (but not on a mockup though).
  • About #39, @halugraphics: This is really cool - thanks for entering! Can you show us what it would look like without the gold rings around the diamonds?
    • @ameras, hello, of course, new project #42. thank you for feedback

  • Hi @ameras, I submitted #43, #44 and #45 and I hope you like them. I would like to hear your opinion
  • About #16, @sutiaharjo: Really cool! Can we see what it would look like with the ring being a diamond color instead of gold?
  • About #29, @cobalt: Hey cobalt, the bull doesn't look the same as it did in the first design you entered? Could we have that same exact design and font, just with a diamond tail?
  • About #37, @Kristina2912: Thanks for all your entries Kristina! These look great!