Golden Hills Optical

it was my first time working on the logo for my business and I was looking for a way to get it done. Accidentally I came across designContest website and decided to try it. It was so fun to look over the submitted designs and to communicate with designers on changes. I had over 100 designs submitted and worked with designers from all over the world. I ended up choosing one of the designs for my logo. I truly enjoyed my experience with designContest and now I have my new logo.

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Winning design #47 by k.m.galowski, Logo Design for Golden Hills Optical  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by k.m.galowski

Project description

Optometry practice in Mesa AZ. Specializes in comprehensive eye exams, glasses dispensary and contact lenses  fitting. Treatment and management of ocular disease.

I don't want any images of glasses on the logo but somehow I want it to have association with nature of the business 

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  • Revised Entry #98 #112
  • Eye like sunrise behind the hills. Please see this submitted file. #110
  • I ready feedback thanks #109
  • please in check #100
  • please in check #99
  • Simplified The Design With Similar To Previous Concept :) #98
  • Thank you
    I like Hills better this way.
    Can you please remove black dot from the center of the sun and put it at the same position as on #58 with the same lines over #84
    • About #84, @simulja99on Thank you, how about this #95 #96? actually i dont understand the eye you prefer, #84 or #58. so I made both of them :D

    • @simulja99on Thank you, I like eye on #95. Design, placement, lettering looks good. Last touch - I think color of the eye (sun) should be different from the mountains otherwise it blends in for me. What do you suggest?

    • @Mufidzart Oh maybe leave the eye in gold and make a line over it grey like the line in the bottom Or... Can I see how it would look with lines in blue...or grey...and gold Hills and gold eye?

  • Sunrise and eye lens icon behind the hills. It is perfect of optical related company logo design. #97
  • About #89, @swapan
    Hi, I really like how Hills look. Can you get the sun to resemble the eye in a very subtle and make it look like it's coming from behind the mountains like during sunrise.
    Thank you
  • this logo is very simple and professional please give feedback thanks #91
  • Pleace cek #90
  • to CH @simulja99on ... simple and clean ... what my idea is accepted ... please feedback #87
  • About #24, @Mufidzart
    Thank you for updated design.
    I like lines above lettering.
    Can Hills be a little smaller?
    I also like the idea of the sun rising from the behind the Hills and I would like the sun to represent the eye in a very subtle way
    • About #24, @simulja99on i just make a change #58, how about that?

    • About #83, @simulja99on wich one you like? #83 or #84? :D

  • and how about this? :D #84
  • I like that version a lot better, thank you for the update.
    What if we make Hills not so sharp and not quite that tall.
    I really like how sun represents the eye, it looks great and I like lines over it. #58
    • About #58, @simulja99on please check #83, how about that? :D

  • How about this one? :D #83
  • Thanks For The Ratings. .
    Updated Design :)

    Thanks. . #82
  • please check CH, , ? txs #79
  • About #60, @hanief23
    Thank you, it looks better, I like it.
    What if we make Hills longer...almost all the way across lettering.
    I want Hills be longer and a little bigger than the eye.
    I do Like the way eye is represented as I requested, it looks very nice
    Thank you