Golden Oak Leafs

This was my first time utilizing such a service. I am very happy and will likely use it again for further projects.


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Winning design #145 by keyla, Logo Design for Golden Oak Leafs Contest
Gold Medal

designed by keyla

Project description

I am a recently retired Navy officer that is married to another Navy officer; hence the gold oak leafs.  We have decided to call our company by the name above.  The company is starting out as an online retail seller and will ultimately be the parent company of multiple franchises.  In our logo we want the two oak leafs and the name of our company.

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  • Can you put a gold star on each side, instead of a flathead screw? #122
  • new update #142
  • how about this design? #141
  • how about this design? #140
  • how about this design? #139
  • I hope you like it sir #119
  • #ATCLDO Dear Sir, its my pleasure to receive a great rating from you. Thank you so much :) #75
  • Simple Design #118
  • I hope you like it #117
  • This is a simple and classy design. #77
    • @ATCLDO Thank you please check and view #115

  • Your two designs are very nice. Can you respell 'leavs' as 'leaves'? I want my wife to see this. #100
    • @ATCLDO Oh! I'm sorry, it's my fault. Please fixed #102 #103

  • All, I'm very impressed with all of your designs. My wife and I will be making a decision Friday morning. Thanks!!!
  • I really like the elegance of the script on your designs. #88
  • Hi, Can you give some feedback for my designs? Thanks #91
    • @kwik I like the 3D oak leaves and how the stems are turned inward.

  • Dear Contest holder, Please check this one. Your valuable suggestions are always welcome. Thanks :) #75
    • @mithunpopey My wife and I like these a lot. Mostly because they look like our military challenge coins. I like the two tone design also.

    • @ATCLDO Thank you so much :)

  • please check it and feedback #85
    • Nice design, but can you do it in gold?

    • I like this one too, but can it be done in gold and with an oak leaf?

  • please check it and feedback #84
  • I like the color scheme, but could you use an 3D oak leaf, similar to the one I provided? #25
    • @ATCLDO Thank you for the feedback. Here are some more #59, #60, #61, #70, #71, #72, #74. I hope you like them

  • Dear Contest Holder, hope you like my proposal. Please let me know if you want any change. Thanks :) #52
  • Everyone...I'm terribly sorry, but I misspelled 'LEAFS' The correct spelling is 'LEAVES'.

    Also, please utilize only a 3D Oak Leaf, not a maple leaf or any other.

    I am seeing great designs and we are liking the idea of having 'Golden' on one line and 'Oak Leaves' on the second line.