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First experience was a great experience, will continue to use and hopefully have great success as I previously mentioned. Brandon, GoldenRoses.

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Winning design #11 by Krist, Logo Design for GoldenRoses. Apparel Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Krist

Project description

The demographic is High school male / Young Adult Rebel type of look 

A black or white background with an outlined of a nice bright  Golden Rose in the midldle with an okay amount of layering in the middle, I'd like the image itself be dope / Classy.

and also I'd like the words GoldenRoses. or Golden Roses. Placed around the flower to really give it a rich feel, in gold of course. Im looking for a masculinity feel to the flower and would really like a stem attached to the flower I've gotten great submissions already and Im looking to work long term with all that are picked!

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  • I am inspired by the things you want sir, I will send some newer models and fresh, thank you sir #12
  • How about this sir #11
  • This stands out quiet, I actually really think the colors you used was different but PERFECT! only thing is if you could add a steam to the rose kind of looks like little angel wings haha =) #10
    • About #10, @goldenrosescreation thank you lord for his input, .. :)  

  • If you can add a stem and possibly change the font i really like the look of yours rich and classy makes me wanna smoke a cigar which is what Im looking for! #8
    • About #8, @goldenrosescreation let me try to change this one

  • This is pretty good I think the color should stand out a bit more to capture attention, also if the flower could use a little more I believe this has great potential! #9
    • @goldenrosescreation thanks for your feedback, i will try sir.

  • I created this logo based on your philosophy about interesting things of gold and rose flower, I hope can be considered thanks sir :) #10
  • how about this sir? #9
  • This is great if you could change the color of the bottom graphic to white instead of the silver and green just so I can have a view of that I think that we could work well together. #6
  • Revision #5 I'm sorry,my english is not too good, but i'll try to understand what you want. #6
  • Thank's for your rating, I am open to changes as you wish #5
    • @Krist I really like the flower design its great quality I love how you mixed the colors the only thing is I would like a stem attached if you could and just the flower and stem slightly smaller but I really like your design and idea!

    • @goldenrosescreation thank you very much, i'll try to make it.

  • I try to make a design in gold and silver.
    Feedback please for better revision.
    Best regard #5