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Winning design #4 by D4U, Logo Design for Golf and Restaurant facility needs  logo Contest
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designed by D4U

Project description

We are developing the brand 'Secrets' and the different areas of our business are known as 'Secrets Golf', 'Secrets Restaurant'. Our course and facilities are widely known as 'Secrets'. Our slogan is 'Secrets, Something for Everyone' We have been using a colour palate of a dark and light aqua which is used in our business cards and brochures and a stylised wave as our logo which is the IP of the developers but they have allowed us to use it. We would like to develop our own logo although we are fond of the colour palate because it represents the ocean in some respects. We have a website, and wanting to develop a social media presence. We would like to retain the word 'Secrets" in the logo but very much openminded (we have to be) to the overall concept.

Addition to description: The logo needs to be designed so it can also be used for embroidery on our uniforms.We have a domain parked, for future use, maybe. The 3 components to our business are 'Golf, Dining, Events and maybe these words should be included in the logo. Maybe we can have a logo with that text, Golf:Dining:Events for correspondence etc and have the same logo with the text, 'Golf' for the golf area, and the text 'Dining:Events' for the hospitality area of the business.

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  • All I would like to see on #36 is a single blue line around the logo the same shape as the solid blue in #37 but just a single line.Not sure about the width of the line, you can decide that. Thank you
  • Ditto
  • Ditto
  • Not much more you can do with this one. Good luck
  • thank you CH. I will make the revision :)
  • I imagine the background to your other logo is a plate? Can you insert an outline around this logo as if it is the edge of the plate. Just a single line will be enough.I would like to see if this takes some emphasis off the wine glass, sort of contain it within the logo.
  • Very good effort. I like the compactness of the logo and the 'S' as a wave in the design. Clever work
  • Text is Ok on this one as per the brief but the wine glass looks out of place and the logo has lost its compactness. I would like to see the this one like the other you are revising (without the Blue background)
  • I like this logo, a good revision. How could you include the text, 'Golf' 'Dining' 'Events (see my comments about the various text in the logos)
  • Thank you for the 3 logos. Not much more I can ask of this logo so good luck
  • D4U
    Dear Sir, I got it..Please check the entry number #35.
  • Comment for D4U and margus. Your logos are very good and different which is a good thing. It would be interesting to see what you would do with just the single word text such as the word 'Golf' and where you would locate it in the logo. I suppose in D4U's logo it would be where the text 'Event' is at the moment. Should either of you be the winner I expect we can have numerous logos showing the different text for us to use in the different parts of the business. Is that correct?
  • Response to margus. Yes you are right about the ball in relation to the embroidery. Hopefully we can overcome that somehow by using the two logos, the detailed ball logo for our website and correspondence and the less detailed ball for the embroidery.
  • In response to ksilotto we do have a signature dish of beef and reef but not sure if that can be depicted in the logo somehow.
  • No t sure if I am doing this right but I am responding to D4U. Yes that is correct. We want to use the same logo design but have the flexibility to apply it to our Golf, Dining and Events departments. We would also like to have the logo to use for our whole business, just like the one you have designed, showing the text as it is 'Golf Dining Events' We would use that one for our website, letterheads etc. Is that clear?
  • D4U
    Dear Sir, U would like to see the logo only with term "Golf" as one sample,then next sample with only "Dining" term and the third the same with "Events".did i understand it right Sir!!
  • I just said to D4U that the ball on his logo looks very much like a wave which is a good thing. Your logo is much more stylish and compact but the two of you are very even.
  • I am imagining the golf ball looks like a wave now and the tray is the ocean surface. I can see that being an advantage at the present over #26. That logo is more stylish, it is very even.
  • Just not sure on the colours. I like the other colours on #30
  • Very Good. Rated equal with #30.Not sure if you can improve it but I would like to see the same logo but 3 samples with the 3 separate texts 'Golf' 'Dining' and thirdly 'Events'. I would like to see where you place the text. For now please remove the web address.