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Winning design #58 by dologo, Logo Design for GONDOLIER WOOD FIRED PIZZA - ITALIAN TRATTORIA Contest
Gold Medal

designed by dologo

Project description

NAME OF RESTAURANT: GONDOLIER WOOD FIRED PIZZA - ITALIAN TRATTORIA Need a new logo concept for branding. For my menus, signage, website. I would like to emphasize the fact that we use WOOD FIRE OVEN to cook our pizzas. I would like to see some sort of graphics around the name to showing flames or the mouth of a wood fire pizza oven. GONDOLIER is what our company is usually referred to as the rest is more of a description of what the restaurant is. The GONDOLIER if you don't know is the pilot or captain of the GONDOLA boat in Venice, Italy . This is most definitely part of our trademark as well. Would like a fresh inviting with a modern edge to it. Thank you and all the best

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  • I like the text used for GONDOLIER but I wonder if there is something similar that makes the letter "G" look for like a G instead of a C . * Also can you add Est. 1974 to the bottom or where you see fit? Thank you
  • Hi, CH! Feedback on design #16 would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for the opportunity!
  • TRATTORIA needs to be incorporated in the logo as well. Thank you
    • Sure! May I know which color scheme do you prefer so that I can add 'TRATTORIA' to that? Thanks.

    • #4 color scheme

    • Thanks! Please review #7 & #8. Feel free to ask for changes.

  • Nice design. Trattoria needs to included in the logo as well. Thank you .
  • Trattoria needs to be included in the logo as well . Thank you. Great design !
  • Hi there...Based on your brief, I have just submitted my design #2 (#3 & #4 are color variations). Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!
  • A quick question about the brief. I did a Google search for your company, as there are no locations locally, and came across your existing logo. Are you looking to incorporate elements of that logo into the new logo, or are you looking for a complete redesign of the existing logo/gondolier? You mention in the brief that you want to keep the gondolier in there, but do you want him to have his existing look, or would you prefer him to have a complete makeover?
    • Hello, thank you for your interest in the project. We currently have multiple locations under Gondolier Italian Restaurant and Pizza. We are now changing the concept a little with the new look and slight change in the name. I am open to a complete redesign but still with a "Gondolier" incorporated in to the design. Thank you

  • Dear CH ! i post 36 37 38 props based in a Alexander Archipenko sculpture... hope you like !!
  • Can you please change the Estd to Est. Thank you
  • any feed back on our design?so we can improve it to your likings.tnx...
  • GJR
    stock images and clipart is not allowed in logo contests. Logos must be 100% original work. source: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-81820198/stock-vector-fire-ball-illustration-on-black-background-for-design.html?src=uvqGV-TEg_CMYMDzdDOSRw-1-2
  • Good vision. Could you keep the fire and hat but replace the Gondolier text with a different font? Thank you
    • Thanks for your feedback. I just made two alternative versions #54 and #55 with different fonts for you to look at.

    • Hi again, I made a new version with hat #59 and without hat #60.

  • Nargus the new styles look nice but I still would like you to please change "Estd" to "Est" Thank you
    • Estd is better for simmetry: 4 characters on each side..........................

  • Are you able to incorporate an image that makes reference to the Gondolier with the logo? Also take the pizza slice off of the peeler. Thank you