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Winning design #12 by graphman, Logo Design for Good Catch! Contest
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designed by graphman

Project description

Logo for "Good Catch!" employee safety / recognition program. This program rewards employees for reporting near misses and close calls related to both patient and employee safety. Looking for a logo that can work as B/W or color. Will be used on report forms, recognition cards, certificates, slideshows, tokens, imprinted recognition gifts. Want a fun, creative look that is not too juvenile. Attached a sketch of a working concept. The recognition theme at the link below is similar to the look and feel that is desired splash/ts/12/221

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  • Would be interesting to see this without the fish - just use a hand and the "Good Catch" slogan. I would prefer a solid color over the gradient.
    • hey, thanks for liking my design, can i work over the colour again and post it? Can I withdraw it now.

    • |--|

      Suma {*wrote*}:
      hey, thanks for liking my design, can i work over the colour again and post it? Can I withdraw it now.
      |--| yes

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      Suma {*wrote*}:
      hey, thanks for liking my design, can i work over the colour again and post it? Can I withdraw it now.
      |--| yes

  • Thanks for showing it this way - it helped to see how it works as a one color imprint
  • What would happen if you eliminate the fish and put "Good Catch" in the hands? Solid, two color design.
  • The three hands suggest teamwork - good concept. Also like the circular design. Color scheme and gradient are main concerns.
  • Interesting. Not sure about the color scheme or the gradient.
  • Overall, I like this. The main version with black background is eye catching. Trying to envision how a one color version would work if I was to imprint t-shirts or other items.
  • I can see the concept. The G is the hook. I was envisioning something with the fish in the design, but will keep an open mind to this approach. Thanks for your submission.
  • I like the way that you incorporated the fish into the letter C. The fish design is attractive, warm and friendly. Also like that this is a one color design. Only suggestion is that the word "Good" doesn't stand out. Overall, one of my favorite designs so far.
  • Overall, one of my favorites so far. I like the warped text, gives a feeling of action. I like the color scheme. Not sure about look of the fish. The simple, more iconic design works - the top fin seems too large, the tail might need tweaked a little - more of a slope from the body to the tail.
  • Hi there, I've just submitted #1, #2 and #3. Do you like the concept? If you like I can make changes to the colors (for the orange I put the dark color to the Catch and for the blue I put the dark color to the Good). I can switch them up if you like. If you have any request just tell me and I'll do it. If you want me to try something totally different I will. Regards, Marc-O.
  • hi there CH, I uploaded new design #17. hope you the idea design. please feedback.
  • Wow! Very nice. Love it.
    • Thank You so much! If you have any suggestions or tweaks. Please don't hesitate.

  • Do not copy existing logo design!!!;
  • Do not copy existing logo!!!;
  • Hi CH, Please take a look at #39 #40. Let me know if you would like to see any variations on these. I look forward to any feedback or suggestions you may have. Thank You -Sara
  • Hi CH. Please find my entry #36, #37. I have subtly created a fish using the initials GC 'Good Catch'. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • interesting
  • Good ct
  • Subtle reference is creative
  • Interesting design