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Winning design #52 by YAD, Logo Design for Good Chiropractic Contest
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designed by YAD

Project description

As a chiropractor, I want my logo to be centered around and focused on the spine. I am looking for a clean, modern, and professional looking logo while also remaining friendly and inviting as well. I have attached some sketches and visuals that can hopefully convey sort of what I am looking for. The torso is not essential however and I am open to ideas that may not include a torso.  Side note for the one attachment:  I liked the logo for the "Prodigy soccer" visual and its blue coloration and simplicity and thought it was worth mentioning. The light tower visual is irrelevant but could not be separated from the other.  Thank you.

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  • Would you be able to center the spine evenly between the two leaves so that you can see the dark blue and the light blue equally? Thanks? Beautiful work! :) #52
  • Hi YAD. I've decided that this logo is the one I want to go with however, I have attached two illustrations below to show you what I have been trying to tell you about the spinouses on the spine. I love everything about the logo and it's appearance except that the spinouses should be pointing downward instead of upward. Please see my attached files which I have marked for clarification. Thanks! :) #16
    • YAD

      About #16, @goodymart thank you ch! ill make it asap.. before contest end:)

  • thanks for feedback,this update #8.please see #40
  • Beautiful! I'm soon going to present these to friends and family to narrow down. Thank you so much. #37
  • Perfect! The only thing I would say is eliminate the lines above and below "CHIROPRACTIC". I liked it the way you originally had it. You have now called to the very top. Thank you! :-) #32
    • YAD

      About #32, @goodymart thank you ch :) ill upload the changes u want right now...

  • Logo idea. Hope im on track. Good luck #33
  • hi Ch, thank you so much to your feedback. yes, i will make some revision of the spine to flipped upside down. thank u :) About #27, @goodymart
  • hi Ch, here's the revise design that you request. hope you like it. please let me know your feedback. Thanks :) #29
    • It looks beautiful except that the spine itself needs to be flipped upside down. Does that make sense? I appreciate your communication. Others' logos are doing the same thing and i am trying to communicate to them this problem but most are not responding. If you are able to correct this for me your logo jumps to the front of the line. Thanks so much. I look forward to seeing your revisions. :-) About #29, @junifer

  • Also, would you be able to make the spine and "CHIROPRACTIC" light blue that others are using in their logos instead of the green? Thank you. I'm loving this logo! #29
  • YAD..... Can you please flip the spine part of the logo upside down? That's all I ask. Thank you. #16
  • Hi Junifer. I need the actual spine itself turned upside down. The spine itself is upside down. Does that make sense? I'm sorry for the details. #27
  • If you could just simply flip these logos upside down, they would be absolutely perfect! About #27, @junifer
  • Is it possible for you to flip flop the spine? It's actually upside down. The points of the spine should be facing down to be anatomically correct. Thank you! #10
  • Could you please flip the spine upside down so that the spine is anatomically correct and oriented? The sacral point is at the top and should be at the bottom. Thanks so much! #8
  • Please flip spine upside down to make it anatomically correct. Thank you so much. About #16, @YAD
  • Can you please flip the spine upside down so that the spine is anatomically correct on this logo? Beautiful logo otherwise. Thanks #13
  • I love it! If there is one thing that I would ask I'd if the spine could be flipped? The way it presents right now, the spine is upside down. Believe it or not, there's a difference. Thank you. :-) #27
    • Hi Ch, thank you so much to your feedback. I will make the revision of the design. thanks kind regards Junifer

  • I love everyone's work. The logos are excellent. I have indicated however on several logos that the spine are anatomically upside down. If I am to appt one of these as my logo, it needs to be anatomically correct. Please do this for me. We are sooooo close. Just this one little change. Thanks
  • Could you possibly flip the spine upside down on this logo? Believe it or not, it appears that the spine is upside down. I'm sorry. I'm very detail oriented. :-) Thank you! #16
  • Unbelievable entries everyone! I'm seeing a lot of the "spherical" models of logos. I'm wondering if you could present some more torso silhouette looking entries as well. Viewing the back view of the torso add opposed to the front view. So far I am overwhelmingly pleased with what I'm seeing. This is agonizing and rewarding at the same time. Lol Thanks