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Winning design #92 by DexMind176, Logo Design for Grace Lutheran Church Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DexMind176

Project description

Update: We liked a lot of the designs we saw, but we were thinking maybe we could explore one other direction. We'd like you to explore a lowercase, stylized "g" - possibly in a circle or some other simple shape. This should be able to stand on its own, but also be paired with the text "Grace Loves Park" (we don't want "Lutheran Church" anymore) Original Brief: If there's one word that describes Grace, it is relationships: Building relationships with God, with each other, with our neighborhood and with our community. This purpose comes from the Great Commandment to love God and love our neighbors. We're looking for a logo that reflects this. It should aim to be simple and timeless, but we wouldn't want it labeled "traditional." To that end, it need not contain a cross or other traditional Christian symbols. To provide some additional context for who we are, we asked our congregation what words they would use to describe Grace. These are some of the things they came up with: Inspire Engage Serve Energy Hope Joy

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  • Dear CH, What do you think about #1 ? Thanks you. Tibari
  • About #6 I mispelled "Lutheran" (I named Lutherian) and I'm sorry. But I can't submit more than 3 entries, this is the reason why I wait your opinion on #6 to make a third entrie (or submit the same without "i"). Thanks for reading.
  • I get the concept however I just do not think that this logo is us.
  • Not bad. The hands/dove combo while an interesting combo is strange as it is at the moment. If we had that removed and went to two colors instead of four, it would be much improved. If we're getting nitpicky, I don't like the look of the R's in that font...but something close to that could work.
  • The font and font sizes are confusing. The fading is strange. And I don't think we actually want the descriptive words in the logo. They're just for inspiration.
  • Way too many colors. I don't think we want any color fading in the logo. It would not print well or translate well to black and white.
  • As a general direction, I would say the designs should be more classic and serious than we're currently seeing (and less modern/playful). The concepts we're asking you to convey are pretty abstract, so it's possible than a more abstract logo is really what we're looking for. We've seen a lot of people in the logos so far because of our focus on relationships, but we haven't seen anything yet that totally feels like Grace. We have three pretty unique services, so the logo has to fit in with both a pipe organ and guitars/drums. We know it's a challenge to come up with something classic and timeless while attempting to convey new energy, so feel free to ask questions if you think we could better set a direction for you. Thanks!
  • This is an improvement over #2. Thank you for that.
  • We are certainly about love, but this feels too playful.
  • Same feedback as #9, as it's a play on the same theme.
  • I think this is more complex than we really want with six people and seven colors. It's nice that you could take the words and use them alone, but we would lean toward something a little more serious.
  • It feels a little too modern to simplify it this much.
  • @nandniluz - If you're up for it, we'd love to see another of your designs now that you've seen so much of our feedback.
    • Am working on a new one.. and will upload it quite soon!! Thank u!!

  • Feels like the people are in choir robes, which is not something we want. It's also very monochromatic...a second color might be good.
  • Sorry, I don't think this is us.
  • After talking this over with our team, I'm bumping up the score on this one. The heart frames the people, translates well in black and white, evokes a sense of community. I wonder if the people can be transitioned somehow?
  • From purely a design perspective, I like this best so far. It's simple, classic, timeless. It has a nice serif font that doesn't feel too traditional. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what it means. Leaves could symbolize growth, which is good. But leaves me wondering. I would definitely like to see something else in this style.
    • Dear Contest The two leaves represent growth, and together form a heart because I believe that the best way to express the grace of God is through love and its growth between us. When I saw the name of the church, the first thing I thought was to use a heart. But his briefing spoke much of relationships, the importance of the church in its context, in the community, so I used people. Personally, if you allow me an opinion, I think the logo of a church can not be completely abstract, it should convey something. The love of God should be made manifest in some way. Tell me what can be more representative for you and I can try again. I can also use the colors that you specify. Thanks for your feedback. Best regards

  • Too traditional. This feels like so many other church logos out there.
  • This took our feedback to heart (thanks!), but it was probably an over-correction. Stick with something more along the lines of #13.
  • I don't really get this concept. The people remind me of ghosts.