Grand Slam Exotics

This designer went above and beyond. He was extremely helpful throughout the process and answered any questions and requests that I had. He worked diligently on his concept and I was blown away. In truth, he actually came up with several different logos and it was almost impossible to choose which one that I liked the most because they were all fantastic. I am very thankful that he chose to take the time to work with me throughout this process and could not be more happy with the results.

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Winning design #87 by alig59, Logo Design for Grand Slam Exotics Contest
Gold Medal

designed by alig59

Project description

I am looking for a logo design for my company that breeds designer ball pythons.  I am looking for something that will represent my company with the same eye popping quality that the animals I produce possess.  The company name is derived from my background.  Its inspiration comes from my previous experience as a baseball player.  A grand slam is the pinnacle play in baseball.  It is the best that you can possibly accomplish in an at bat.  That is my companies motivation for producing some of the worlds best designer ball pythons, I want to hit a grand slam with the animals i produce.  I would like to see that represented in the design somehow.  I have an idea of what I am looking for and have attached a logo that was previously commissioned but didnt quite capture what i was i looking for.  The green was not right and the font was not what i was looking for.  I would prefer a font that bunches up the letters more and makes them stand out.  I have provided a logo of a company called "Big Daddy Chondros".  I like the concept of this logo and the green thats used as well.  In the first commission, I had envisioned something like this over a baseball diamond.  The difference in the two is that i would like the text mixed with a ball python logo of some kind and have that all be one logo raised on top of a diamond.  I also provided the logo, for a company called nerd, their green is also in the ballpark of what i was looking, although i do like the two tone look in big daddys.  i want the green to pop, something crisp.  I am not sure what color i would like the word exotics to be, but I know I do not want it in yellow.  I have provided two pictures of snakes that I have produced.  They are two of my staple animals.  The previous commission used the actual picture of the snake.  While im not opposed to that, I had communicated that i wanted something created.  If you prefer to use the actual animal pictured, let me know and I will send you the file.  I hae also provided several logos in which I like that are industry specific.  While I have an idea,  I am also completely open to your creativity and any outside the box thinking.  I am looking for designs that encapsulate what I have mentioined, but also for designs that my own creativity cannot imagine.  For you are the professionals in which i turn to to expand upon my minds limitations. 

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  • Text changed to 2 colors. #213
  • @dredger #201,#206. I like how grand is in black on the other ones. I think these would look better with the two different colors #201
  • G + S + ( ball python ) + ( baseball diamond ) = GRAND SLAM EXOTICS #212
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  • G + S + ( ball python ) + ( baseball diamond ) = GRAND SLAM EXOTICS #208
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  • how do you about this one ?
    please check it.

    thank you for your feedback. #192
  • how do you about this one ?
    please check this.

    thank you #118
    • @Haidar this one is much better, right color geen

    • @grandslamexotics thank you very muchbfor your feedbak sir.

    • About #164, @grandslamexotics thanks for your advice, can you give hints to me? so this design is more attractive.


  • in fact , i didn't understand what your job about with python ^^ are you educating pythons ?
    • @naweldechel no sir. my business is breeding and selling designer ball pythons

  • its a minor change, but you have two first and third bases on your logo. first and third base go on the foul line that runs from home plate to the fence. #182