Granite and Marble Warehousing

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Winning design #313 by ballak, Logo Design for Granite and Marble Warehousing Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ballak

Project description

We import and export Marble and Granite Slabs .Our priority is quality and good customer service. We like the color brown , or green, things related to mountains because the slabs come from mountains...or any Logo related to granite, stones etc.... Give us your ideas, colors , we will be happy to comment on your entries! Thanks!

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  • Dear CH, please ignore my entry #13 , it was a can comment for the entry #14.thank you.
  • I just submitted #11. I kept it clean, simple and sophisticated. I used a mountain/half circle logo because the materials come from the mountains and the circle to represent the different North American locations. Let me know what you think. Carl
  • Dear CH, About #7, Please tell me if you like the direction of my design. Thank you.
  • We are looking for a logo for OMNI, not a new name. Just a logo, that people will look and know we sell stones, and they will relate the logo with the name OMNI Surfaces. Thanks
  • The Company name is OMNI SURFACES and we have a website, , we want to attract designers, architects and customer with "high quality" taste! We only work with best quality stones (slabs). We sell and our clients send it to shops to be cut.The slabs are used mostly for kitchen countertops and bathrooms. We have warehouses in Texas, Brasil, Edmonton and Toronto. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, Such point I want to know that; ... Do you previously have any website or planed to future? ... What the message you want convey with this logo? ... Who are your target customers? ... In Print, Online and Signs, Which media is most preferred by you in your business? Thank you Regards IndiaFX
  • Dear CH... may i know what is the company name... thank's regards, Steven
  • hi sir, pls find design #54 and give me your feed back Thanks Vipish TP
  • Dear CH, About #51 Is there any specific changes you would like to see to my design? Please let me know. Thank you.
  • I don't like the white arround the name OMNI, but I like the idea of "squares", like slabs, mountains...can you change that ?Can you use just "earth tones" colors?Thanks
  • #11 How could we put colors for a business card or website, how would you use colors with that Logo?Thanks!
  • Dear CH, I created a new submission.... #49.... Thank you, DM
  • Dear CH, I just submitted #38....... Thank you, DM
  • Hi mhleban Design #36, as your brief I submitted one design with green brown combination. That squares, a symbolic of both tile and a mountain, for a feel of nature i just put a yellow colour as a symbol of sun. Let me know what you think. Feel free for comments. I'm waiting for your commments. Thankyou Vipish TP
  • Dear CH please share some feedback, so i can move forward to next design #88.
  • I just submitted #78. It is a variation of my #11. I added more color and made my mountains also resemble slabs of granite/marble. On the bottom, I am showing how they could be used on your website. If you would prefer for me to try another color/set of colors, just let me know. Thanks, Carl
  • I just submitted #134. Going back to my original and adding a splash of color. Again, that color can easily be adjusted.
  • Dear CH, About #51 The white mountains are a hole, this means the mountains will always be the color of the background as seen in #133 Please tell me if you don't like this.. so I can make the mountains white in all backgrounds. Thank you. Creativitron
  • Hello mhleban~ I created a couple logos for your consideration that are clean, simple and elegant and designed in several natural earthtone colors. Hope you like the concepts: #104 and #174 Kind regards, PaintedPony
  • Dear CH Please Give Feedback on the font used is good ?