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Winning design #1088 by ReeyDesigns, Logo Design for Granite Wealth or Granite Wealth Advisors Contest
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designed by ReeyDesigns

Project description

Logo and branding is for a Wealth Management firm. We provide investment management for affluent and successful families and individuals. We are open to any and all styles of logos as long as it delivers the message of strength, integrity, and trust. 

We would be open to either Granite Wealth or Granite Wealth Advisors as both could be used in our branding or marketing. 

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  • About #511, @designeed

    Feedback please.
  • could you do this one again without the word "advisors". Thanks #335
    • About #335, @lowebrent

      i have revision this design like what u need,but i can't submit because this contest has expired.

    • @planA please email it to so I can add it to my choices

    • @lowebrent sorry based on the dc rules it can't be done by the designer sir...

    • @planA understood. Thank you

  • Can you redo this logo with "Granite Wealth" on one line? Don't use "Advisors" Thanks #538
    • About #538, @lowebrent Hi , Can You extend the contest . can't upload any more

  • Please stop submitting the same image many times. #1351
    • About #1351, @lowebrent ok sir..thanks for your contest

    • About #1351, @lowebrent ok sir..thanks for your contest

    • @lowebrent hi! i just have made a new design for you but i was late to submit it

  • Thank you. Could you put that on paper like #1432 and on a wall like #1431 #1475
  • this is #1474
  • Thank you, can you do this with the word "Advisors" the same as you did on #523. On the Right. #1465
    • About #1465, @lowebrent sure

  • like this? #1465
  • please feedback sir.. #1460
  • simple sir and look elegant, i hope you interest my idea. thanks. #1447
  • can you fix the bottom of the logo, so that it doesn't have the dent. Perhaps either a point or smooth #1440
  • please feedback sir.. #1444
  • gwa #1443
  • gwa #1442
  • . #1408
  • . #1407
  • an abstract idea #1380
  • this page may help you in your decision-making: You're getting a lot of generic designs submitted here.
  • simple idea #1376
  • please check my design,thank you very much. #1351