Great Bear Alliance

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Winning design #12 by Fai , Logo Design for Great Bear Alliance Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Fai

Project description

This is  a logo for a Canadian First Nation (Indigenous people) and Industry Alliance.  

The concept for the logo is a bear paw print.  The palm of the print is the outline of the country Canada (Green color) with claws ( in black color) coming off of the outline of Canada.    We would also like to have an outline of a bear or a bear's head (in silver color)  located in the western area of the country of Canada.

We are also open and will consider other interpretations of the concept of a First Nation and Industry Alliance that is based on the Bear theme.  

The Bear is a renowned and powerful animal in the Canadian First Nation Culture and is considered a symbol of strength and wisdom.

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  • Let me know if there's anything you would like to change ;) #56
  • Simple & professional. #54
  • Ideas: 'Every single GREAT piece are allied into a Great Bear Canada
    Try to give a simple, easy to recognize yet memorable logo.
    hope you like it, thanks.. #53
  • Concept: 'Its The united, its all Allied into a Great Bear Canada forms
    feedback are welcome #52
  • Hi shawn111
    Here are my first proposals #48, #49, #50
  • Very nice. I have a hard time seeing the paw print though. Is it possible to add a curved thin black line to the green curve at the bottom of the Canada image to complete the bottom of the paw print? #34
    • Thanks for your feedback. Possible I will offer a better idea and in new version paw will be more clear. Please check #46 About #34, @shawn111

  • Very nice. Can you add a curved thin black line to the bottom of the Canada image to make the paw print concept more apparent? #12
    • About #12, @shawn111

      I posted a new one regarding your request #39. it has 2 approach - check it out.


  • Very nice. Please add one more claw though. A bear has five claws not four. Thank you. #33
    • @shawn111 sure no problem :) i hope like you my new entrys thank you for feedback

  • hope you like it #19
  • ahi project holder hope you like it #16
  • Great Bear Alliance #15
  • Great Bear Alliance #14
  • great bear alliance..please rate my design for you. thanx. #13
  • hi, could you rate this?


  • Can I see what this looks like with a thin line of black around the bottom and a little up the sides of the country of Canada. I think this will pull the country image more into the footprint. Thank you. #10
  • hi, please give some feedback -


  • Great Bear Alliance #6
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