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Winning design #54 by Kristina2912, Logo Design for Green Can Cleaner Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Kristina2912

Project description

We are a start up residential trash can cleaning company. Our initial mental image for a logo was a trash can (green bin that comes from disposal company) sitting in a claw foot tub with a back scrubber and lots of bubbles. We are open to other designs as well though. We want it to bring a smile when it is seen. It will be blown up very large on a wrapped trailer as well as small on business cards and website. Main colors of the trailer are blue. The green in the business name refers to both the color green and Eco-Friendly.

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  • unfinished #58
  • Thank you. We are going through things and discussing. This helped. #54
  • Thanks for the feedback. Here's my revision, Simplified. #55
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I made the changes, please check. If you need other changes, please let me know. Sincerely, Christina. #54
  • The typography needs some tweaking still. It's the layout of things that isn't working for us. Can you play with it and try a couple different fonts and layouts. We feel like the typography would be great as a bumper sticker but not as our logo. Love the character. We really appreciate all your hard work. #50
  • Can you please simplify the tub scene so the elements are fewer and crisper. Also remove the shadow effect and extra outlines on the lettering. We are looking for crisp and clean. #52
  • green #53
  • I had fun with this. Let me know what you think, and i'm always happy to revise or redesign. Thanks. #52
  • green #51
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I made the changes, please check. If you need other changes, please let me know. Sincerely, Christina. #48
  • Hi. Check change of design. I hope to you it will be pleasant. Thanks. #47
  • Thank you. Would you please make the font solid in color rather than varied and remove the outline of the letters? We preferred the deeper blue and green hues you used previously. Can you also remove the bubble and star embellishments, leave the bubbles in the tub, but remove the ones floating above and around the mascot and the typography. Please add either www. Before the "G" in GREEN and ".com" after the "R" in CLEANER. #34
  • We prefer this version of your design. Thank you for providing the alternative design concepts. If you would please make the blue and green and bit deeper in hue. We'd also like to see the typography solid and the rather than varied in color. The font of the words to not be cartoon in appearance but crisp and clean sans serif. Can the embellishments be simplified so they are more subtle? Ultimately we would like an indicator of the web in the logo. Either add in small letters underneath or "www." before the "G" of GREEN and ".com" after the "R" in CLEANER. #31
  • Thank you for your entry and efforts. #37
  • green #46
  • GREEN #45
  • Hope you like the update #44
  • Hope you like the idea ,and anything could be managed #43
  • Here are the new changes. Thank you! #35
    • @graphman Thank you. Nice placement. We like the clean look of the typography so it's not all cartoony. The elements added to the letters were balanced well and not overdone.

  • Would you please incorporate "www." either into the bubbles or without them at the top of the "G" in GREEN and ".com" after the "R" in CLEANER as a subtle point to our domain incorporated in the logo? #33