Green Fridge, The Art of Salad

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Winning design #14 by lizonil, Logo Design for Green Fridge, The Art of Salad Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lizonil

Project description

Green Fridge, The Art of Salad will bring premium pre-made out-of-home foods to consumers, sold in premium vending machines (see rendering on the last page of the attached slide deck, especially its wooden skin).

The special idea behind our company, which we want to see captured in the logo, is that the foods are 

* regionally produced 
* sourced fairly
* relying 100% on organically produced ingredients
* packaged in mason jars
sold for premium prices in a premium vending machine featuring only Green Fridge products

As a further feature, we ensure everything we use is ecologically sound - we even use recycled glass for our mason jars. (If this gives inspiration, use it.)

The high-quality pictures in the attached slide deck are the reference for your work. Take inspiration from the shots, especially the salad mason jar on page 1 with its rustic background - we want a company logo we can slap on this glass.

Which basically means we envision the logo to use wood(en texturing) and colors coming from the main ingredients we will serve: green salad, red tomatoes, white soft (mozzarella) cheese. Pages 1, 2 and 3 in the attached slide deck.

If you want to design in reference to our company's name (food - green, fridge=cold - blue) please feel free to. It will be an experimental entry but may end up convincing us.

The winning entry will feature both an icon and the company name. Based on the Starbucks logo, it would be this version:

Please do not use the big, fat & bold typeface of Starbucks though. Our food products are light, organic, whole and healthy. Check the "what do (not) like section" for more examples.

Further food for thought for you: "Country in a jar" (bringing the country(side) into the cityscape).

Please provide the company name in the following versions:

Green Fridge
Art of Salad

Green Fridge
The Art of Salad

Green Fridge, Art of Salad

Green Fridge, The Art of Salad

Green Fridge - Art of Salad

Green Fridge - The Art of Salad

The winning entry will be given preference for follow-up design work that also needs to be done: 

* all mason jars need a front sticker explaining what is inside and a back sticker listing the contents, nutrients, etc. 
* the vending machine's exterior needs to be designed
* the content on the vending machine's touch ordering screen needs to be designed
** showing the available products for ordering
** displaying full information about each product once selected (description, contents, nutritional information, etc)

All these will be a separate design contest or One-on-Ones, it is not required to provide drafts as part of this design contest!

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