Green Mountain Granola

This process was fun and really exciting. As the designs poured in, we got to see so many different ways that our business could be seen.. The support team was very helpful and professional. Would recommend this site to anyone looking for design help. We had a very positive experience.


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Winning design #256 by okoi, Logo Design for Green Mountain Granola Contest
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designed by okoi

Project description

Branding effort, beginning with a logo for a granola business based out of Jericho, Vermont. Looking for something outside the box. Not necessarily green, crunchy, hippy or foodie, so to speak. Not necessarily mountains and/or landscapes but we're not opposed to that. We do like bold colors and variations on vintage colors.. The product is earthy but sophisticated. Delicious, healthy. We like vintage-ish looks without being cliche. Like a vintage travel poster or classic gas station sign. Sounds hipster, I know. But think hipster. Sort of. Something distinctive, stylish, not too busy or trite. This will be used for labeling, website, business cards, etc..

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  • CH, I have submitter entry #46 and #47 for your review and feedback would be great. I included a black and white version so you could get a feel for how the design would work for print. Thanks, BFlame
  • HI jenith, I have submitted #34. Any feedback is more than welcome. Thank you!
  • Hi CH, I've submitted some concepts for your review. #28, #31 and #32. I look forward to some feedback. Thanks
  • #27 is the right one, i correct the error on the word "mountain" Sorry about that. Best Regards, João Santos
  • Dear CH, about #26 , represents the montains, and the sunshine behind the montains...remebers freshness (blue). Hope you like it. Best Regards, João Santos (Portugal).
  • Hi CH, Can you show an image of the packaging that it's intended for or is it this something like this one ? And could you tell us something about the ingredients? Cheers, Mini
  • Hi CH, Just submitted #24 and #25, hope u like it.
  • Hi CH, just submitted #12 for your review, let us know what do you think. Thank you
  • Hi CH. Thank you for your feedback About #8 and #9 I tried a more natural approach with the shape of the mountain. Also on #9 , the mountain spells 'GMG' for Green Mountain Granola I will be waiting for feedback. Thank you
  • I like the G and the M in the mountain a lot. The only thing here is that it is a bit industrial vs. edible in terms of the vibe. The GM is really cool.
  • I like this very much. I also love the color palette and the alternatives.
  • Dear CH, Yes, the idea was that it is an abstract oat. Please let me know if you'd like to see revisions. Thanks! -Manders
  • Hello CH. Please let me know what you think about #4. The G and the M are both used to make up the mountain. I hope you like my concept. Best Regards
  • I like the typeface a lot and I think the green/brown together is nice [slightly browner on the first one?] I am not sure what the image is though. An oat?
  • well, they are "green mountain" granola, based in vermont. Green would be nice... yes, cliche, but it is what it is. Right now they have nothing in terms of branding. Crunchy [forgive the pun] but also, we are going after 2 markets---the hippie types [no offense meant] and the snooty foodies [again, none]. The Vermont state flag is very interesting... Seriously, I have been in marketing for years and this one is killing me. Open to a lot. I will send an image of what they have so far [not much and I mean that] if you think it worthy. What more can I tell you? I think the local grower angle is great, but for a logo, not sure how you convey that.
  • is there any particular color scheme you are looking for, is there any images you are looking to be included on the logo design, I do not feel like you gave enough description for this project and I know I am willing to do it, just need some more info!
  • Interesting. Love the font for 'granola'.. not so much the one for 'green mountain'.. also love the blue and the green.
  • Hmm. I still like it but.. Not sure of that shade. Maybe try this as a rectangle? Short ends on top and bottom?
  • About #86. I tried to have the look and feel that you want based on your briefing. I also consider the pegs that you attached in the brief section. About your question what is my inspiration in doing this logo, as much as possible, I want to create a logo that is simple yet easy to be remembered. I think of retro font and mixed it with some serif fonts to get that classic feel and then added some modern touch like the rays and some sans serif fonts as subheads. For the colors, i just think of organic. But i tried to avoid those pastel color and used strong colors to add boldness and recognition to the brand. Hope I answered your question. If you have more question or any suggestions feel free to let me know. Thanks!
  • Hi, Nice. Can I see this with different mountains? Rounder perhaps? Or look for Camel's Hump or Mount Mansfield images on google? Also perhaps add some red to the design?