needs a professional looking logo

Very happy with the design. Of the 220 submitted we could have used almost any. Have used design contect before and will use them again,


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Winning design #214 by Niff, Logo Design for needs a professional looking logo Contest
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designed by Niff

Project description

Colors To Be Used: Open, but the logo will go on a page that is mostly white. We would guess green and including a mountain graphic, but have an open mind. Example URLs: For loose leaf teas (the products we will sell) see or, but we won’t be stocking the same items. Project Detail: We need a logo for a new website that will sell loose leaf teas direct to the customer in the UK and Europe, called The logo should include this URL, together with the tag line ‘high quality teas for less’. The logo will go at the top of the page, and should be roughly rectangular in shape. It can take up most of the top of a page, as the only things to the right of it are likely to be home / bookmark / shopping cart / contact / language (flags) gifs or words. (The logo will be on a page with a layout something like The page that the logo will be on will be mostly white, and the logo will need to fit with this, but other than that we do not have colours in mind. The logo needs to ‘ooze professionalism and trust’, so nothing weird or wacky and definitely nothing twee; it needs to be conservative, clean, sleek, but modern too. We are open to an all graphic logo or one including pictures. However, we would only go for a logo including bits of pictures. Something like our contest in 2004 ( could work, but the URL and tag line would need to be a lot more prominent / stand alone so that we could also use it offline should we choose (see next paragraph). While the use of this logo will initially be for our new eCommerce store, future uses should be taken into consideration, including the branding of our own teas and therefore the logo, or at least ‘’ should look good in black/white as well. The logo should not include tea bags as we will be selling whole leaf teas. The tea leaves are the most important thing. We sell tea leaves, not tea bags. Please note: we are in the UK and work eclectic UK based hours, which will affect when we give feedback.

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  • Quite original, but it does not look like a mountain, just a pile !
  • We like this one. We would make the mountain in the logo bigger. The logo doesn't stand out and grab us at the moment.
  • We like this one. We would probably stretch it a bit to get the in the top line.
  • If we were looking for a logo just to go on packaging, this would be good, but it doesn't fit with a modern website style.
  • I like the colours and general style, but the mountains don't look enough like mountains and it does not include
  • sorry i have make a mistake in writing tree that should be tea and i have to fix it in #11
  • I like the general style, but the graphic has confused me. I think it is a cup of tea, but I'm not sure.
  • Sorry, I don't like it. The leaves look like lillypads on a pond to me.
  • This is better, and an option.
  • I still see shark fins in the mountains. Other than this it is a good attempt.
  • I can see what you are trying to do, but the tea plant is currently lost in the mountain (or the snow on the mountain). If you can make it more obvious, it might be an option.
  • I like the text, but the mountain graphic is a bit too bland. It does not stand out enough.
  • Sorry, I don't like this one. The graphic is too small and looks like it is disappearing down a hole. I do have some comments on your other version, which I think is better.
  • leaf tea in the mountain regards oniKuro
  • This one looks like a ski resort or hotel sign. Sorry, it's not for us.
  • It still looks like coffee beans (rather than leaves / mountains) to us. Sorry.
  • See my feeback on your other version of this style. I like the words, but not the graphic shape (I prefer the oval version).
  • I don't like the ribbon effect (I prefer the simplicity of the words on your #64), but I do like the logo shape, with the mountain slightly out of the oval and I like the oval shape. I think the leaves in the front are a bit busy and obscure the mountain. Perhaps two would look better than four.
  • Sorry, I don't like this. The leaves look like coffee beans and the shape is not roughly rectangular.
  • I like this. It is a contender.