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designed by Articos

Project description

We are company that provides parking services in Russia.  We plan, equip and manage the parking lots on our own land and on the land of third party landlords. Our primary focus is on creating operating efficient, innovative parking facilities that allow to provide customer-friendly parking services. 

The logo should be clean, modern. The logo should be both targeted to B2B clients (land owners), and to the drivers, who are the end users of the parking services.

The logo might somehow incorporate P letter, like in a parking sign (but not necessary), and the text “green parking” or its Russian translation “зеленые парковки” (we are ready to choose from English or Russian text versions, whichever we like better). 

Since number of designs offered by designers reffer to trees and other eco images/associations, wanted to clarify that we are not specifically focused on any eco aspects and not looking for that in the logo design. Simple and efficient are the values close to our understanding of green. Also while naturally there might be some green color in the logo, it should not necessarily be all green.

Also we are NOT looking for the graphical part to combine the first two letters of words green and parking (G and P), its better if there is an image related to parking theme. 

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  • GP #1128
  • . #1110
  • I am willing to adjust. #1109
  • Updater version where make line between two language. #1104
  • Update version where make texture both language. Provide your feedback. #1101
  • Dear @grigorenko_vadim I design for you logos using you most liked elements #1093 #1094 #1095 #1096 If you have questions or want changes please feel free to ask.
  • Hi! I'm Andrea from Italy, if you like that feel free to contact me for improvements or corrections. Scrool down and use the zoom lens in the top for watch the image in full resolution.

    Thanks. :) #1087
  • Update version where make logo and texture side by side with russian "зеленые парковки" Please provide your feedback and rating. Thank you. #1077
  • Update version where texture make up and down below the logo and make bigger font size. So, provide your feedback and rating. Any time I will do any changes. Thank you. #1069
  • Update version where make russian "зеленые парковки" Please provide your feedback and rating. Thank you. #1060
  • need any changes plz let me know .. :-) #1059
  • Update version #1055
  • I made with Russian text.

    I incorporated the letter P for parking and the map pin icon.

    Feedback is always welcome. #1046
  • Hi,
    After reading your brief this is the logo concept that I propose to you.

    I incorporated the letter P for parking and the map pin icon.

    If you have any suggestions, let me know. Feedback always welcome.

    Thank you,

  • Another version #1042
  • The green lines on the P represent parking spaces. #1040
  • gp #1032
  • @grigorenko_vadim #1028
  • С Новым годом! =) #1010
  • What should I perfected again to match your demand...? #1002