Great work by the designer, and great collaboration. Thanks for going through three iterations of changes. Very high level of responsiveness by the support team. Very good overall system for getting our logo (the contest, voting structures, etc).

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Winning design #144 by phillipreifman, Logo Design for Greenbridge Contest
Gold Medal

designed by phillipreifman

Project description

We are a consulting and finance firm focusing on transferring clean or 'green' technologies from one end of the globe to another. 

We need a simple (only two colors?), modern-looking logo for our business cards, our website and for the corner of our presentations. 

The image below is the title slide on our presentations, NOT a logo suggestion.

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  • Hi there georg_caspary

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  • Check my entry #152
  • I have moved the endpoints, a PMS color can be specified to your printer and you will receive consistent color gamuts. I can help you with this if need be. Thank you for your feedback and rating. #144
  • This green looks fine; on the business card on the left the green looks a bit too bright / fluorescent / aggressive. Best to go with a medium green, reasonably conservative. #99
  • Move a bit down and to the left please. #99
  • Move a bit to the right please. #99
  • Move a bit to the right please. #99
  • About #67, @phillipreifman I have uploaded revised logos Ref: #98 and #99
    Thank you
    • @phillipreifman - many thanks. This is great, and is getting a lot of positive feedback here. Two final comments my colleagues are making: 1. Can we make the type of green just a little bit darker / tiny little more conservative type of green. 2. Our pilot program is between Massachusetts and Chile. Hence, could you adjust the points in North and South America a tiny little bit thus: North America point a little to the right (Massachusetts), South America point a bit down and to the left. (Chile) Great work - many thanks.

  • feedback please #118
  • feedback please #117
  • feedback please #116
  • Hi - this is one of the entries that got the most votes. Is there any way to make the arch look a little bit more like a bridge (without taking away from the simplicity of the image)?
    • @georg_caspary hello sir .,., please check #104 , and #114 I hope as you wish .. thank you

  • feedback please #113
  • other my work....thnks #110
  • how? #109
  • other my work....thnks #106
  • Hello! Check, please design. If something needs to change, write to me. Thank you! #100 #101
  • About #67, @phillipreifman I did recieve your comment, i will revise this now, i also submitted a design with a single large bridge.
    Thank you for your ratings
  • Hi - not sure whether you got my comment about this last night. This is one of the entries that got the most votes. One potential improvement: can we make the green parts look more like bridges? It currently looks too much like a mesh. Thanks so much. #67
  • hope you like my design #88