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Project description

We are a consulting and finance firm focusing on transferring clean or 'green' technologies from one end of the globe to another. 

We need a simple (only two colors?), modern-looking logo for our business cards, our website and for the corner of our presentations. 

The image below is the title slide on our presentations, NOT a logo suggestion.

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  • Check my entry #152
  • I have moved the endpoints, a PMS color can be specified to your printer and you will receive consistent color gamuts. I can help you with this if need be. Thank you for your feedback and rating. #144
  • This green looks fine; on the business card on the left the green looks a bit too bright / fluorescent / aggressive. Best to go with a medium green, reasonably conservative. #99
  • Move a bit down and to the left please. #99
  • Move a bit to the right please. #99
  • Move a bit to the right please. #99
  • About #67, @phillipreifman I have uploaded revised logos Ref: #98 and #99
    Thank you
    • @phillipreifman - many thanks. This is great, and is getting a lot of positive feedback here. Two final comments my colleagues are making: 1. Can we make the type of green just a little bit darker / tiny little more conservative type of green. 2. Our pilot program is between Massachusetts and Chile. Hence, could you adjust the points in North and South America a tiny little bit thus: North America point a little to the right (Massachusetts), South America point a bit down and to the left. (Chile) Great work - many thanks.

  • feedback please #118
  • feedback please #117
  • feedback please #116
  • Hi - this is one of the entries that got the most votes. Is there any way to make the arch look a little bit more like a bridge (without taking away from the simplicity of the image)?
    • @georg_caspary hello sir .,., please check #104 , and #114 I hope as you wish .. thank you

  • feedback please #113
  • other my work....thnks #110
  • how? #109
  • other my work....thnks #106
  • Hello! Check, please design. If something needs to change, write to me. Thank you! #100 #101
  • About #67, @phillipreifman I did recieve your comment, i will revise this now, i also submitted a design with a single large bridge.
    Thank you for your ratings
  • Hi - not sure whether you got my comment about this last night. This is one of the entries that got the most votes. One potential improvement: can we make the green parts look more like bridges? It currently looks too much like a mesh. Thanks so much. #67
  • hope you like my design #88
  • Greenbridge Logo... #87