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great way to get a logo and a lot of fun to see the designs coming thru, though id recommend anyone doing this opt for the blocking of designers seeing others work as we got over 800 entries and really only about 100 to 150 were original ideas everything else was a copycat and altering the designs that we had rated higher which was a real pain having to wade thru.

NZ$433 paid

810 custom designs

150pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #369 by Asiong19, Logo Design for Greenstone Shop Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Asiong19

Project description

Needing a logo designed for our shop and website that we are currently creating here in New Zealand. Our logo would be used on both business cards and our website etc. 

We have been using a photo of double Koru (spiral) carving one of our carvers has done on most of our signage so would ideally like this to be incorporated we don't mind if it is a cropped version. (link to Facebook page as the photo is our profile pic is below) but we are open to other ideas as well.
We sell NZ Pounamu (JADE) Jewelry hand carved on site. I am including a link to our Facebook page so you can see what we do if this is of help
We quite like a little variant on color used and textures it doesn't have to be all green necessarily. COME ON DESIGNERS STOP COPYING AND TWEAKING OTHERS DESIGNS AND COME UP WITH SOME DIFFERENT STUFF!!!!!

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  • font bellerose and agancy fb by #801
  • cat sleep
    this ia a vector

    font: 28 day leter #797
  • hey greenstone here is my design for you i hope you like it #794
  • Green gemstone.

  • Green gemstone. #775
  • hi CH.. if its still not late... could you comment or rate my versions of your logo.. thanks and cheers #766
  • I hope you will like it #765
  • hi @greenstoneshop ,
    Please check my new updated work #764
  • hi CH..heres my versions of you logo... feel free to comment on them.. thanks and cheers #763
  • hi CH kindly check my new design i hope you like it:) thank you:) #757
  • Green stone is very luxury and natural stone #748
  • Stone of blink2 #747
  • Greenstone presentation from stone #746
  • Hi, thank you so much, i was surprised.. if you have any changes or feedbacks, i will do it, thank you..
  • Hi, thank you so much, i was surprised.. if you have any changes or feedbacks, i will do it, thank you..
  • please, check my proposal and give responds, thanks #698
  • Hello again. Here you have a 2 colors version of my last design, gradient or simple, both in vertical and horizontal positioning from text. Feedback welcomed. Thank you! #697