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Winning design #233 by syyar, Logo Design for Greenweaver Gardening Enterprises Contest
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designed by syyar

Project description

family run plant nursery just starting up. Mission of quality and service. growing a product for the retail cut flower florist industry in addition to the name Greenweaver Gardening Enterprises, we are happy to be known simply as Greenweaver. We like the tag line "FrontPorch Local" with regard to the "tell us how you want the new design to look and feel" section ----- I want the "right" logo to graphically represent us. I filled out the design details because I thought I had to, but what do I know. Feel free to "do what you do". Harvey

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  • Thanks for the entry, nothing worse than giving a party and no one showing up. Likes: the idea of emphasizing "Greenweaver: with "gardening enterprises" there but not prominent don't care for the duplication of Greenweaver pinwheel/ line front porch local is too subtle, not crazy about that color green or the pin wheel itself. Although it does remind me a bit of a wheel which I like. Finally, I'm not sure I like my tag like of "front porch local" I like the "down home / friendly" concept of front porch and want to convey that I'm a local producer, but don't know if Front Porch Local does it. Your entry is helping me figure out what I want. Thank You
    • Hi, Thank you for the comments. I have submitted another version for you to look at... #2. I took away the "Front Porch Local" line and replaced it with "From our place to yours" to try and give that "down home / friendly" feel. I also changed the "pinwheel" flower to a more recognizable flower, changed the colour of the green, replaced the curved line with a straight one and placed GARDEN ENTERPRISES beneath GREENWEAVER with a small duplication of the flower between "GARDEN" and "ENTERPRISES". I have also included a black only version so you can see what it will look like a single colour. Hope this all helps you to continue your thought processes of what you want. Regards, Glen.

    • Glen, I like what you did by putting "gardening enterprises" directly under the Greenweaver and like the small duplication of the symbol., but prefer the wavy line better than the straight line. What about combining "Front Porch local" with "from our place to yours" to make "Front Porch Local, from our place to yours" Current colors are not doing anything special for me. I would prefer a less literal depiction of a plant or said another way, a symbolic representation of a plant. We are not doing flowers persae. More like ninebark, forsythia, and pussy willows, products generally referred to as woody ornamentals. I think I would like a large, dominant symbol. possible to do a front porch with a plant? Thanks for your work, Harvey

    • Hi Harvey, Looks like I'm the only one that got your invite to this party :) Thanks for the feedback on #2. Please check out #3 and see what you think. I have stuck with the green / brown colours for now but please let me know if you have any preferred colours in mind. Thanks, Glen.

    • Glen, I'm good with 1 person at the party, the right one. It may just be you. I appreciate your attention to this. We're getting there. I like the plant and container representation. Can you represent the front porch from the front. maybe add a rocking chair and more plant(s)? perhaps not a direct frontal by on a 60 degree angle? or not, just a thought. Another thought, putting a pond in the picture. You don't need to take all my thoughts, just the ones that feel right to you. Harvey

    • Hi Harvey, I will see what I can do and submit a fresh design. Any thoughts on your preferred colours? Glen.

    • Glen, good news and bad news, my wife is involved now. A family project you know. Good to rest for now. no opinion on colors, although the green is looking pretty good. I always like teal, but haven't a clue how to bring that into this. Harvey

    • That's good news to me... another set of eyes. Speaking of which, mine are pretty tired so a rest is a good idea. I did do a quickie with some of the suggestions you made resulting in #4 . No rocking chair yet though. There is the danger of it becoming too cluttered. Less is more and all that. Let's hope someone gatecrashes this party and stirs things up :) Cheers, for now, Glen.

    • Glen, The wife likes your first one. As I look at the last one, I've taken you down the wrong road with the pond idea. With regard to the first idea you had, The pinwheel does remind me of a wheel and suggests movement / action, both of which I like. please try the green color in "Greenweaver" you used in the last submission for the "Greenweaver" in the first submission. Eliminate the bottom "greenweaver line. Wonder if the "floral arrangements / vase" in the third submission could be used as a border on the first arrangement? with regard to the "pinwheel" in the first, wonder if 2 or 3 different colors can be used, but not necessarily rainbow color scheme. We may set the porch and "Front Porch local, our place to yours" aside for now. It seems inadequate, but thank you again. I appreciate your efforts. Harvey

    • Hi Harvey, I had a nice "rest" by doing some gardening :) I have submitted another entry, #5, which I hope addresses the items in your last message... pinwheel is back and has three colours, "GREENWEAVER" is green and "floral arrangement / vase" border either side of "GREENWEAVER". I have also centered "Gardening Enterprises" as it looked out of balance off to the right. Time for bed here in New Zealand so I'll check back in tomorrow. Cheers, Glen.

  • I like it. Particularly differentiating Green weaver. Not sure what the symbol is but like it also.Thanks for participating. This is an amazing way to get graphics. What power. We are now deciding by committee. We are going to need the 7 days more so than you artist folks. Harvey
  • Morning Glen, I will have my wife look at tonight, may not have a comment till tomorrow. If that isn't quick enough, let me know. Harvey
  • Dologo, Thank you for the entry. Nice to have more people at the party. I like the circular entry, I've always admired Starbucks. But, too much "frill" for me, although with the word Greenweaver, it's reasonable to think wer would not have very many straight lines. Also, Greenweaver and can stand alone but "Gardening" needs to have "Enterprises" with it. Thanks again. Harvey
  • rajagee, Thank you for the entry. I had been wondering what Greenweaver would look like in green, to my surprise, I like the brown 'Greenweaver" better. While distinctive, I am not drawn to the graphic. Thanks again for your input. Harvey
    • Dear CH, you like my design ? i upload new entry brown color "Greenweaver" thanks for rating

  • reddot886 I see the leaf. and I like the added brown. My son told me earlier it was a G with a leaf in it. (it is a leaf, right? Harvey
    • yes, a combination of leaves and twigs uppercase "G".

  • thanks, amazing how colors change a layout, think I prefer the brown in the graphic appreciate your responsiveness
    • Thank you, Harvey I like the green and brown pattern combinations. :)

  • that was quick. would you be so kind to take number 12, exactly as is, except put Greenweaver back into brown. thanks, Harvey
  • reddot886 - folks look at the entries, this entry keep getting the nod. and suggestions. The brown portion of the graphic reminds people of water. wondering what blue,blue-green,or my favorite color, teal would look like. Thanks , Harvey
  • hey Glen, nice to hear from you. The vine on the symbol brings out the weaver part, but it comes off too "frilly" for me. I appreciate your efforts. Harvey
  • Dear Ch! I have submitted my first entry as #25 as prescribed in your brief. I need your suggestion, feedback and reviews for this. Please mention that what you like and dislike. I could be more creative if you help me to find your actual need. Thanks and Regards
  • nice, so different it will take a while to process. Instead of the golden brown, I think I like the darker brown that was being used by others, but hold off, I need to show this to my wife. This process is awesome. having so many creative folks involved. thanks for participating Harvey
    • ok :) let me know what she thinks as well, more than happy to make any adjustments

  • Just submitted #24 - I stayed with the green and brown tones, but went with a more plant-like feel. Feedback is always appreciated, thanks!
  • pixigner Interesting, I am sure it will evoke spirited conversations in my group Do you think it will be difficult to get a printer to reproduce? thanks for the entry. Harvey
    • thank for your feedback sir, i dont think so its difficult to print, if you want a solid colors then i apply in it, but the wave look decrease it cleanness, if you need any changing or suggestion then please feel free to tell me, thanks

  • thanks for entry, graphic is a bit too elaborate for me. Harvey
    • thank's i won't make any adjustment unles you asking..since i only have one more shoot

  • Hello CH, I have submitted Entries #34 and #35 for your review. I was going for a strong yet very simple design. My palette consists of only a light green and a light brown which I believe provide a light, energetic feel. My main goal was a design that would be impactful and recognizable. Feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you! -Evan
  • about #24, are there any alterations I can make to cater to your requirements?
  • thanks for the participation
  • this one is strong, powerful / high energy. really had an impact on me. I'm concerned about printing / clothing costs, so not quite right, but I'm really enjoying it. thanks Harvey