Greyson Christian Jiu Jitsu

DesignContest is amazing! After struggling with multiple contacts, multiple designers, etc. to try and have artwork made for my business, a friend recommended I come here, and I'm glad I did. Easiest, simplest, most effective, and most user-friendly process to have logos/designs done! The artists are promt, helpful, and most of all, skilled. I most certainly will be using again in the future.

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Winning design #25 by RoManiac, Logo Design for Greyson Christian Jiu Jitsu Contest
Gold Medal

designed by RoManiac

Project description

I am a professional jiu Jitsu competitor and instructor so the logo being designed would be for promotional purposes as well as made into patches to put on my uniforms as well as my students'. I'd like the logo to somewhat incorporate or at least resemble my initials, GC. 

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  • simple, minimalist #24
  • Could you stack the name on top of each other, just so that it's more compact? Or maybe first name above logo, last name below? Please and thank you! #13
  • i edited my design, no more flying kicks now it is ground fighting. please rate my design.
  • This is also interesting! I like the incorporation of the initials #5
  • I love this design, but not the colors. Would it be possible to see a possible blue/navy and gray combination? Or possibly a purple and gray? #6
  • Hi, Jiu Jitsu is actually a grappling/ground fighting art and does not involve strikes/punching/kicking, so this design unfortunately would not work #9
  • aincent jaoponese sign for Jiu Jitsu and belt, I can rework and add Your rank. please rate my design. #11
  • logo can be used in promotional purposes and also like patches to put on uniforms. please rate my design. #9