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Winning design #488 by designrealMe, Logo Design for Grow Gym / Grow Coaching Contest
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designed by designrealMe

Project description

We got a coaching company now called Team Miro, but we are going to start a Gym too called Grow Gym. We need a logo for the gym.

It is going to be a gym for young, intelligent and ambitious people, 20-35 years old mostly. The gym will be a company that serves the community, and will serve as a strong community itself. The main color used should be black, with maybe little accents in #0B3B0B. Our pricing is above average. Our gym is focused on total development of the mental and fysical aspect of the body. I want NO dumbbells or biceps in the logo, that's too cliché.

The logo must look very professional. I want the logo text to be recognisable, or the logo even integrated in the text. This could be done making the G and R look like a heart. I added some sketches to give you an idea of what I mean.

Maybe this might not work out as beautiful as I want, you're also free to present different concepts. The most important is that I want the 'text only' also to be recognisable.

Because the coaching company and the gym will be connected, we decided to also change the name of the coaching company to Grow Coaching. The current 'wing' in our Team Miro should be integrated in the new logo. The main colours used for the coaching company are #660000 
and black. At least 95% of this logo should be black too, with optionally some accents in this color added. The logo's of the two company's should be exactly the same, but they should have some overlap/connection. 

As a bonus: we are also starting a paid membership community through the app Huddle, this community will provide exclusive information and video's about training, nutrition and mindset. This will be called Grow Community, and we also need a somewhat similar logo for that. 

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