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designed by Stripe

Project description

We are looking for a logo that represents the medical cannabis industry. We want the logo to reflect clean, web 2.0ish (for a lack of a better term) look and feel. Being a medical based site, we want to stay away from bongs, pipes etc.

we like the look and feel of the cappunico maker at Im not sure how this type of art would fit, but would like to see a few ideas.

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  • Dear CH, This design is 2.0ish and depicts Medicine and Cannabis in a stright and remarkable way. Hope you like it. -- Best regards, jjy
  • I tryed to keep it clean and simple but at the same time keep the web 2.0 look and also show what your site is about. I thru in a slogan just to show that you can put your own slogan there if your want a slogan.
  • hope you like it. #16
  • Stripe, Sorry to throw so many ideas around, the truth is Im really looking for a lot of creative direction. You are correct, the buds dont fit with the old style cannabis bottle. Im hoping at some point to change the name of the site. I want this to be medical cannabis related and not just related to smoking. At this point All I have is the grow and roll name though, IM thinking the old bottle, aged, but has the new glassy icon look like I sent would be interesting to see.
  • Now I know what you were suggesting, I'll have a go...
  • I saw the old style bottle you were referring to. Wouldn't it be a bit difficult to get the buds out of that small neck. Maybe that wouldn't matter for the idea to work?..
  • I like the idea with the med bottle but agree it may be to much again. Stripe said you thought it was to much as well. What do you think of one bottle upright with nugets coming out of the top. but in a more cappuccino style icon @ wth a more realistic prescription label. A second Idea and Im not sure which one I like better :-) would be an antique cannabis medical bottle, such as But done in a cartoonish, cappuccino style icon @ I kind of like the retro feel of this. Keep in mind a site will be disgned around this, so the icon will have to be simple enough to keep at the top right or some place consistent.
  • I fear that this might also be a little too much for a logo.. I had fun doing it though!
  • DESIGNERS! Please read the rules on commenting in contests. w/46/6/rules-for-commenting-in-a-contest-page If I see more comments asking for feedback, or just highlighting your entry, infractions will start again. Our guidelines are very clear as to what to write and what not to write. You can write a brief description of the entry, answer a CH question or ask the CH a question about the contest only.
  • I would like to see more of a traditional pill bottle with a label. Instead of pills, could you have bud nuggets?
  • I like what I see so far, the calendar and the bottle may be too much, to many ideas. Could I see a traditional medicine container (prescription pill bottle) that has the label that says grow and roll 50% indica/ 50% Sativa with an RX logo etc to make it look like a prescription. Possibly some buds in the bottle or around it. Not sure if it should be upright or turn on its side with bud coming out. Use your judgement on placement and looks. I would like it to look authentic but web 2.0ish for a lack of a better term.
  • Same as previous feedback. Im looking for an upbeat/fun web 2.0 clean look that portrays medical cannabis
  • I would like to incorporate more of a grow and rolling theme. Possibly a calendar sheet as the rolling paper. Incorporate more of a medical feel as well.
  • Hello! Hope you enjoy my submission, i believe it is something like what you are looking for? yes? #31
  • I'm glad you liked it. If you would like any changes or alternatives, I have 3 submissions left (unless allocated more). Thanks.
  • dear CH . this is my other design. #21
  • dear CH i put some buds both of sides..#20
  • This is looking good! I like the stem you added to one of the buds. Looking good!
  • I've tried to make all the suggested changes with this version. The graphic can also work at a smaller size (to fit onto a website) and still be readable. I have kept the size large so that you can inspect the detail. Thanks.
  • My first request was the wrong direction