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Winning design #406 by budielefc, Logo Design for Growth Marketing Genie Contest
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designed by budielefc

Project description

Growth Marketing Genie is a Global Tech/ Digital Agency, specialising in B2B services. These services include (but not limited to) digital strategy, data science, analytics, SEO, digital marketing, management, UX & UI Design for websites, applications (Desktop/ Tablet/ Mobile) and digital products alike.

Growth Marketing Genie’s USP is the end to end capability to produce, launch, market & manage new digital products for clients, reporting back tangible data. The target audience are businesses ranging from startups all the way through to publicly listed, blue chip companies.

A strong ‘tech-influenced’ logo is required. It should be contemporary & timeless. Aesthetically, the logo should be inspired by a genie or genie-esque elements, without looking or feeling like Alladdin ie no genie lamps. Hence should be a combination graphic-mark + type.

The nature of the brand should compete with the likes of Google, Facebook, Zendesk & Atlassian. 

The tangible logo itself should lend itself to digital/ print mediums, supporting the following filetypes: png, jpg, rar, zip, psd, pdf, ai, eps, doc

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  • you provided All directions I followed One thing is that you can see the attractive logo which is perfect.
  • Perfect & suteble #411
  • Check this design #407
  • Hi, i hope you like it #398
  • please feedback #391
  • hello, this is growth marketing genie with hat of genie, i make this with aspect of simplification but still modern, more Serious and Luxury

    i hope you enjoy this design #375
  • how about my revisions sir,
    please feedback,
    thanks #369
  • the idea in this logo is to take the form of the power button, then I change it into the shape of the letter G and add an up arrow in the upper left corner which means growing. #362
  • the idea in this logo is to take the form of a genie and convert it into technology as a form of connection network. #361
  • Growth Marketing Genie #319
  • Please check my design
    Thanks. #318
  • please check my design and give feedback thank you #311
  • Hi, Sir/Miss @kyra :) This is my concept, based from the genie character with 3 components that forming it, that are monitor of chart as genie's head, infinity symbol as genie's hands, and tornado as genie's leg/cloud. The meaning of monitor of chart is always keep the client's product to always growth. Infinity symbol is to ensure them with infinity idea, infinity concept, and infinity solutions although that has infinity life-cycle. Tornado is represent about complexity or difficult, the GMG is always come up with great solutions for every clients although that is complicated thing. This is my concept, Sir/Miss, minimal and modern. If you a little bit like, please don't hesitate to give me a feedback. Thank you very much :) #308
  • simple & modern view, your feedback is very important, thank you very much #286
  • This is my another concept. A simple "G" logo with pony tail genie. Any feedback will be apreciated, thanks #271
  • please feedback #268
  • Marketing design #265
  • Hai sir,this is my revision,i hope you like it.
    Thanks #258
  • Marketing design #257
  • please feedback #254