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Thanks for a great job and very fast communication! Designer of our winner logo understood our company needs to 100% and worked in very profesional way.

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Winning design #32 by hollander, Logo Design for Grupo Yoses Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hollander

Project description

Grupo Yoses is a real estate solutions company located in Costa Rica, Central America.

We are part of Van Der Laat and Jiménez company, the most prestigious and solid construction company in Costa Rica. (http: //

We have over ten years’ experience in operations and maintenance of our broad real estate portfolio: office, retail, warehouses, and residential condominiums. Our real estate projects are located in strategic areas of the capital San José. (Example: http: //, our most prestigious project, which is presented through a separate brand). With our strong projects like corporate and office centers Grupo Yoses focus on his corporate clients.  

Although we exist as a company several years ago, we have not been present as a brand in the past. Beginning with the logo design at the Design Contest, we want to create a strong and reputable brand to reach our target successfully - Corporate (B2B) and private customers (B2C).

The new logo should reflect our values of trust, commitment, innovation and flexibility. We prefer a contemporary, clean, flat and minimalist design that can adapt to different communication channels. We like shades of green or blue, but are also open to new and creative ideas.

The name Grupo Yoses is due to the location of our offices in "Los Yoses", a neighborhood in San José. The word "Yoses" is plural of "Yos" which refers to a species of tree that grows in this place, Yos  tree. (Botanical name of Yos tree: Sapium MACROCARPUM: & ei = r11KVYjZMYqrNsjJgIgP & ved = 0CBwQsAQ & dpr = 1).

We hope to find a creative designer who understands the needs and personality of our brand to start with our logo, but we seek to continue with a long term business relationship creating a business stationery, templates and other projects.

Thank you for your interest and happy & creative designing!

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  • oh, I am sorry, you right ;-) We should note this in our brief. Anyway we have some hours until the contest ends. Happy designing!
  • About #90, @morabira Thought you might need a uniform look hehe. Not stated in the brief :)
  • About #90, @morabira Thank you! Maybe you have some other ideas - the strategic point is - Grupo Yoses should be positioned as completely different brand from our mother company. I hope you offer us other creative ideas! thanks!
  • Great! Thanks a lot for different versions!! #74
    • Thank you, I hope one of the versions will be the winner -)
      More suggestions? About #74, @jstonyte

    • @hollander I think this idea #74 is just complete, no idea what could be changed ;-) Thanks for good job! We pick the winner as soon as posible when the contest ends.

  • About #76, @cobalt
    Hi , thank your for all feedbacks.

    I was stuck with my previous concept, so I decided to change completely. I wanted the Y to grow like a tree (leaf could be added if you like). Hope you like it.
  • About #68,
    It's simple & unique real estate icon.please provide me feedback to do the right work.
    • @alm91cse: I think #61 was the best version of this idea ;-)

  • About #65, @realdesigner Please check the briefing update, thanks! The symbol of privat house don't reflect our proyects, which are residential or corporate office towers. I hope you find other creative idea!
  • About #63, @realdesigner Thanks for rating points Boss any feedback for improve the design ???/
    • @realdesigner Hi, thank you! Your icon is little bit too heavy, to crude. We'd like to see in general more different ideas. Could you try incorporate the flexibility? I hope it helps ;-) Thanks!!

  • Hello! Thank you, this is much more what we expect :-) Maybe just try to make this logo a bit less heavy, more light and gentle? But in general your idea is good! #61
  • About #61,
    It's a real estate icon indicate tall building with letter "Y" & letter "G" also.It's capable for real estate construction company. Please provide me some sorts of feed back so that I walk through the right way.
  • Hello! We like the colores your working in this version, and we'd like to see more of your ideas for font (less playfull) and little bit less heavy icon. Thanks a lot! #20
  • Hi Andrew, thanks you! I like the simplicity of your icon. I think you understand our briefing very well! What about other versions of modern typography (please without serifs) and maybe other ideas for colors. Thank you and creative designing!
  • Thank you! please check out our update of briefing, I hope you have more ideas for icon! #55
  • About #30, @cobalt Thank you! I think there is no need to have all elements incorporate in the icon, it could be just letters or combination of Y ant of tree (Grupo Yoses" meens just "Yoses Group", so "Y" is more important). And we don't provide private houses, but residential towers and corporate towers etc. I hope you have some other good idea :-) Thanks!
  • About #39, @alm91cse Hi, thanks for your idea! Could you offer us other concepts for icon? Please check the briefing update ;-) Thank you!
  • 12/05/2015
    Hello to all designers participating on this project! First - thank you for all great ideas, there are already very interesting concepts you've created.

    There is some important detail we'd like you to know. The majority of our real estate products are residential towers and corporate office towers, so we think our logo shouldn't have graphic elements and details like windows, housetop in form of triangle, like we usually see in concepts of private houses. We hope you help us developing an elegant and simple and flat icon, that incorporate our brand and could be perfect used for mobile devices. Thanks and creative designing!
  • I hope you like, ready for any changes #31
  • Thank you, your version for our logo looks very different! Some other ideas of typography and icon? Happy designing! #20
    • @jstonyte , Hi and thank you for your feedback, here's a revision #30, with different font. I've tried to include everything (initials, real estate, leaf) and remain elegant.

  • Thanks a lot, your typography looks interesting! Could your try please to make an icon more flexible and less heavy? Thank you! #17
  • IMAGE 1 Hi, my name is Dez Jones and I am a Pro Sign Writer based in the UK. Here is my design submission which I hope will become your new logo. If you have any feedback that would be great. Kind Regards Dez Jones. #18
    • @deztinyawaits Thank you! your version looks very elegant. We need some other ideas of icon, that could be better apt for mobile advices ( the use of mobile internet in Costa Rica is more than 70%!). I would be great to see your other ideas of flat icon without shadows & 3D elements etc.! Thanks a lot!