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Winning design #146 by karl2013, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by karl2013

Project description (pronounced "Guest View") produces 3D Virtual Tour's, focusing on Vacation Rental properties for rent, and Real Estate for sale.  We utilize a new 3D "Walkthrough" technology (similar to Google Street View) to produce self guided online tours for potential renters and buyers.  

We are looking for a logo that is simple, clean, and somewhat resembles our software provider's logo,   We'd also like to incorporate our tagline, "Real Estate in 3D".

While our logo cannot be exactly like the logo of, our goal is to make it feel similar, in order for customers to understand we are experts in the technology.  instead of the "square box", maybe it is an outline of a "home", but with the same stylized look as the square.  Also, play with different fonts, but Keep the "G" and the "V" capitalized.  

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  • Can you try one more with the tagline with a left alignment? Thanks! #144
    • About #144, @ecu24 thank you very much ch i'm working on it :)

    • About #144, @ecu24 thank yov very much bh:-)

  • check this one CH thanks:) #164
  • Thanks. Also one with the http://.com on the end. #163
  • please check the revision thanks:) #163
  • Hi, please see my entries #154 and #156. Let me know any feedback you may have, thanx.
  • Can you make tagline a little bigger? #152
  • please check this also sir thank you:) #146
  • please check my revision CH i hope you like it:)
    thank you #144
  • Took more of an outline approach. #142
  • This looks really good. Can you move the tagline over to the left and/or right, to line up with the Business name? #77
    • @ecu24 hi, sorry for late reply 'cos my computer broke. here's the logo on your request #140 & #141. please check, thank you

  • О дизайне #104, @ecu24 #119
  • Sorry, also can you do one more concept with "http://.com" at the end of "GuestVue", with the "http://.com" smaller than business name? Thanks! #116
    • About #116, @ecu24thank you very much no problem CH i'm working on it:)

    • About #116, @ecu24 ok ch if ok thank you ch i'll sent to you by tomorrow? Thank you very much:-)

    • About #116, @ecu24 I search first the font ch thank you:-)

  • Try a more traditional font like the font for the logo at Thanks. #120
  • Thanks, but the" http://" is not needed. Just the "http://.com". #121
  • please check the second revision thanks #121
  • kindly check this one CH #120
  • Looks a little similar to #101-104... #116
  • Can you also give me a couple different fonts styles? #116
  • Thanks looks good! Can you put the small "TM" for trademark at the end of "GuestVue"? I like the house image! #116
  • Thanks. CAn you add the small "TM" (Trademark) sign at the end of "GuestVue"? #101