Gun Accessory Product Line Needs Rebranding

We received a number of unique designs and ultimately were very happy with the winning design. We'll certainly be back here again for other logos and design work.

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Winning design #107 by VhienceFX, Logo Design for Gun Accessory Product Line Needs Rebranding Contest
Gold Medal

designed by VhienceFX

Project description

We need a logo that isn't too complex since it will need to work on a website as well as when printed on the actual product. We would like to see some color options but need a logo that will work in both 4-color and single color. We are open to any design at this point but we would like to see some variations that use the schematic nature (exploded view diagrams) in the logo.

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  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • to ch. About #12.I sent you a black and white to show you that it would still look good if it had to be reproduced in black and white.
  • TO CH about #11. I have created a logo for you . I transformed the t into an actual gun.
  • Good concept with the T being a gun but I'd like to see some font variations.
  • Check your spelling. It should be TekMat not TekMak.
  • Dear TekMat, I have been looking at the contest submissions and have noticed no specific approval of any fonts. Are there any fonts you prefer? Do you have any examples?
  • Dear CH, This logo is in vector format, I didn't use color because I dont no Your preferences but let me now if You like to se in any color. Best Regards Bb
  • Please note, all designs must be in Vector format so we can make changes as needed.
  • I like the icon design of the trigger but I don't like the font much. I'd like to see some font variations
  • I like the dissasembled gun icon but the font is to sci-fi. I'd like to see a revision.
  • Hi CH. please see #53. hope you like it. if any changes required please feel free to tell :)
  • check out design #44 ive alread changed the font.. Id greatly appreciate some feedbacks.. tnx
  • Please have a look. I kept it very simple,it can be used in many colors and many different applications.
  • @jwellsiv I'm not set on any particular font or style but I generally prefer sans-serif and cleaner looking style block fonts but more than anything it needs to match the rest of the logo. For example, on a design with the logo icon or other non-font based elements being very straight and linear (like the parts in a gun) a curvey serif based font would likely look out of place. When I start seeing fonts that I really like, I'll make note of them.
  • Dear Ch. Please find #81, #82, #83. I thought the weapons would be so comfortable in your mats as on the pillow. :)
  • Dear Ch, Please find entries 73-77 as a small sample of the endless possibilities of what can be done with this particular design. From business cards to billboards the design and color versatility options are endless.
  • Hi Dear Ch, Please see my design, Entry #78 hope you like it and if there is needed for some changes please tell me, thanks.
  • #97 #98 #99 Variations to my previous entry #89. Thanks for the time to review my work...
  • Hello CH, Thank you for your comment! I suggest two new versions of the logo in full compliance with your requirements. Logo number 95 has the same gun as the previous two logos, I removed part of the grid and part of the lines. I tried to simplify the icon while I try to keep blueprint looks. I change the gun icon in proposal number 96. The gun is more simple then previous one and with more recognizable shape. In both of my proposal I try to connect the caption "gun accessories" with the icon because i think that it'll looks more like a blueprint. I hope you like it. If you required more changes please tell me. Best regards Vanya
  • I like the font and overall layout. I'd like to see a revision with a more simplified icon element.