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Looking for a logo for our new website. The website is an online market place that brings customers and retailers together. Retailers will be streaming there products which will consist of firearms and accessories. Customers will be shopping for the best deals on these firearms or accessories. The website will be very user friendly and we will be trying to earn business from both retailers and consumers. We are really looking for something innovative and unforgettable. Some competitors would be and Thank you for reviewing our contest! 

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  • How about this? #317
  • how about this one,sir!,, #313
  • same - do not care for the G design in Gun #265
  • dont care for the G desgin in gun but like the rest. #266
  • two guns for the U...that was a cool idea! #280
  • Please check this design. thank you :) #294
  • And please check this design. :) #293
  • How about this? #292
  • Hallo @andrew15

    Please check and give me feedback. thank you :) #291
  • I made this art in the shape of a pistol #287
  • - Logo Design #284
  • #281
  • Like this Sir...

    Best Regards #279
  • can you put the bullet in the A? #178
    • @andrew15 hi CH, thank you for this message, i submit entry #278 the latest submission CH.. ready for another request revisions about my design.. thanks and regards..

  • Like this Sir...

    Best Regards #264
  • can we see how this would look on a black background? #259
  • also can we see the black and yellow on a black background? I would assume the black font would change to white. #263
  • on the top one can we see it with a brighter blue like the shade used in #260? #263
  • Like this Sir...

    Best Regards #263
  • About #34, @agustinawahyusetyaningrum82 Sorry for long to answer Sir...Ok i will change it.

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