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Winning design #1159 by JuniorDesigns, Logo Design for Habitat Innovative Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JuniorDesigns

Project description

Logo. New company. We design and build one-of-a-kind furnishings for human habitats. And sometimes we design the complete habitats, too. We crave a clean and memorable logo. Our initials (HI) are good for business cards + starting a conversation.

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  • Hello, JuniorDesigns. We are considering your entry #1159 as the winner. If we do so, will you work with us over the next few days to make some changes. Probably adding a color and changing the size of the font. Also placing the font in a few different spots? We feel your design meets our goals better than the others, but we would like to try a few alterations. #1159
    • @mark8 Hello, Of course, I will do any change and present to you any version you would like to see, until we have the perfect design. Also, even when the handover is done, I can give you my email address in case you need other format or anything else in the future. I offer full support for my work. Thanks.

  • We have rated our favorites over 80 points. If your entry is below 80, it is unlikely that we will select it as the winner. We really like simple. And unique color combinations, like the top rated one. Perhaps someone should submit a smiley face?? HI goes well with smiley faces.
    • HP

      #863 Changes are done. as per your required. i have create a some yellow various logo. please check and give feedback. here sending you link is below.


  • @mark8
    Please check. thanks #1286
    • @mark8 If anything needs to be fixed. Do not hesitate to contact me here. thank you

  • please any feedback for my design, thanks #1327
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  • Hi, Sir. I Have been made some chages than before. I wish this is what you want. Thanks for your attention. #1285
  • Dear sir, this is new font that you want to see it. #1271
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  • Here's a design for you, hope you like it! #1214
  • I think your r online now. plz say how can i improve my design for you. plz plz
  • Thanks for the rating to my all design. I am trying so hard. Am I? I need your win plz feel free u can chat with me. thanks