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I am delighted with Design Contest. I received many proposals from different designers so it was almost difficult to choose one of them. Really recommend this page.


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Project description

I´m a building construktor who work at private homes.

I do almost all kind of work on houses that need to be fixed/renovated. New bathroom, kitchen, roof and so on.
I´m a kristian and some association to religion could do fine but it´s not necessary.
Blue is my color :) so the main color could be that.

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  • please check this one sir :)thank you very much #42
  • In #36 you did in both ways, that's why I wondered if you left the logo in both ways. If I had to choose one of the ways I want most to have that picture is above the "Hagby Bygg AB"
    Thank you. #39
    • About #39, @Hagby sorry sir for my mistake and sorry for late response because of problem connecyion:) i'm working on it sir

  • No like #21
    On top of the "Hagby bygg AB" #39
  • like this sir? #39
  • hello sir sorry for late response:) kindly check my revision thank you #38
    • @karl2013 hi! The pictur on top is better.

  • logo #37
  • Kindly check my new entry :) thank you #30
    • @karl2013 Hi! I liked this one to, but i get a feeling of church when the cross is on top of the house :) Can you do it like this but put back the chimney and take away the cross and use the "T" in Hantverkare to be a cross. Just like it is but make the vertical line pass the horizontal line a bit.

    • About #36, @Hagby thank you very much for the highest rating sir if you any request sir please message me:-)

  • kindly check this one sir thank you:) #36
  • hello CH thank you for the feedback kindly check my revision i hope you like it:)
    thank you very much #35
  • hello hagby,
    I uploaded new design with house on hammer. Like it. Please feedback. Thank you...#34
  • Hi!
    Can you take away the cross on the roof and make a chimney there? #33
  • hello Hagby,
    I uploaded new design #32. What do you think of this design. Hope you like it. Please feedback. Thank you..
    • @cp105bc Hi. I like this one, it´s clean and simple. I can't come up how to improve it :)

    • @Hagby hello Hagby, Thank you for feedback. I'm glad you like it. Want me to add the cross this design?

  • hello CH kindly check my new entry i hope i'm on the right direction:) thank you very much:) #33
  • HI! CH, Please take a look my design #28 and #29. Thank you.
    • @artistmania sorry it´s not what i had in mind. in #29 did i get a feeling of a shower ;)

  • Hi everyone :)
    When i started the company i had the idé of a logo that the "by" in Hagby should even be "by" in bygg like Hagbygg but in a way that you can notice it is 2 words, with colors or different levels or so.
    my feeling so far with all logos that have been done so far, is that maybe less pictures like #2 and #1 so that the picture don't get in focus but the name does.
    Thank you all so far.
    • And "AB" like #8 and #9

    • #1, @Hagby Thanks for feedback, fix all your directions and try do exactly what you want!

    • @RAMcreative Only "Hagby bygg AB" as text not "home repair" or "hantverkare" just the company name, thank you :)

    • @Hagby thank you very much for the rate sir any suggestion sir to improve my logo design?

  • Logo idea. Feedback and direction is appreciated. Good luck #23
  • please check my new entry :)thank you very much #21
  • hello Ch kindly check my logo proposal to your company i hope you like it:) #20
  • can you do the wrench to a hammer?
    and make the under text say "Hantverkare" Instead of (home construction & Repair)?