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Winning design #152 by JCreation, Logo Design for HALAL THERAPEUTICS Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JCreation

Project description

HALAL THERAPEUTICS will be limited liability corporation specializing in promoting and marketing pharmaceutical products that conform to the dietary restrictions of people of the Muslim faith (Halal medications).

I am looking for a sharp and sophisticated design to reflect the sophistication of the pharmaceutical industry and the company's potential of becoming a global business. I want to use green and orange for the logo and the name. I want to use the colors green for "HALAL"  and orange for "Therapeutics". I want the the name "Halal Therapeutics" to go under the logo in one line and beneath that I want the slogan "Bridging the Gap" to appear in a smaller font. For the logo, I would like it to symbolize the connectivity between halal standards and the pharmaceutical industry and how the company will strive to "Bridge the Gap" between these two.

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  • beautiful! Let's make one more change on the front of the business card. Lets remove the colors on top and bottom and keep it plain white, similar to the back side. Thanks, Ahmed #152
  • hi Ch, please check this new revise design as you request. :) thanks #152
  • It is good, but it is a little too yellow in the middle Junifer, can you take away this shiny yellow a little. I also like the business cards the long way, not the wide way. So all the information will be listed the long way. #151
  • In other words, I would like to use the Orange and green shades on the emblem to be used in the stationary. If you can also make a business card, that would be great. I like the cards the long way. Thanks,
    Ahmed #141
    • @ahmed_zikri Hi Ch, vertical or horozontal?

  • Great, how about a deeper darker green like the shade in the lower part of the word Halal. It is richer and warmer I think. #148
  • Stationary design don't come with this logo design, do they? #141
    • About #141, @ahmed_zikri Hi Ch, thats good question. i will make the design for the stationary sample so you can see how it look. :)

    • About #141, @ahmed_zikri Hi Ch, please check the upload design which i make sample for the stationary & envelop design. hope you like it. :)

  • - #144
  • - #143
  • - #142
  • Beautiful, I think I will sleep on this and decide in the morning which one to choose. Thank you very much!! #141
    • About #141, @ahmed_zikri Your welcome, Its my honor to be one of your participant in your contest. :)

  • Another thing I wanted you to try is to use the same font in 131, but without the tall letters in the beginning of each word, meaning that all letters would be the same height. I would like to see what that looks like. #131
    • About #131, @ahmed_zikri Hi Ch, I upload now the revise design which I change the font style and the second is same font change to uppercase. hope you like it. :) thanks

  • εισαι καθυστερημενος
  • Let's try out with using the same font as #103, while keeping everything else the same. Thanks, Ahmed #131
    • About #131, @ahmed_zikri Hi Ch, yes i will make this revision of the font. :) thanks

  • Actually, you can leave the font the same, but just change the colors and the proportion of the emblem to the text as in #131. #103
  • Great!! the lines look a little thicker now after we shrunk the size. Can you make the lines on the emblem a little thinner? Thanks! #131
    • About #131, @ahmed_zikri Hi Ch, Yes, i will revise it. :) thanks

    • About #131, @ahmed_zikri Hi Ch, I upload now the revise design. please let me know your feedback. :) thanks

  • Final selection, can you please use the same font, color and emblem to text proportion as design 131? Thanks, Ahmed. #103
  • Ok junifer, final stage! I like this one best. Can you switch the grey and the green colors on the emblem and make it a little smaller in size so the text can show more #40
    • About #40, @ahmed_zikri Hi Ch, thank you so much to your positive feedback. yes, i will make your request right away. :) just feel free to ask any revision for the improvement of the design. :) thanks

    • About #40, @ahmed_zikri Hi Ch, I already upload now the revise design. please check hope you like it. :) thanks

  • Hi ch cheak my design and fedback me thanks #128
  • Here's a mockup of my entry of you like it. Good luck #107
  • Logo idea. Hope you like it. Good luck #106