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Winning design #137 by hollander, Logo Design for Haley's Body Shop Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hollander

Project description

We are looking for a new logo for our auto body repair shop.

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  • hey...i have one request..if you select either like one logo...you just go with them..so elemiante other logos...don't give any rating.....!!!!
  • The only thing I would about this one is the mirrored or chrome lettering in body shop doesn't stand out and is a little hard to read. Maybe if it's all silver or light gray. #134
    • About #134, @wes1 Let me see what I can do to fix that. Thanks

    • @wes1 Please check #136 and let me know how that looks. Thanks

    • @sikdesigns I like that, thanks.

  • I wonder how this would look with the lettering for HALEY'S to be the same as the back ground but have a slight shadow behind it giving is a raised or 3-D look? #128
  • http://orig02.deviantart.net/3dca/f/2012/204/a/a/asus_rog_republic_of_gamers_carbon_fiber_by_pelu85-d58aori.png
    I like this color red and this back ground. #132
  • Can we see this one with HALEY'S in red and the car and BODY SHOP in the chrome or silver? #93
    • @wes1 No problem. Please see entry #134. I also add another option for your review. #135

  • Hi, Please see my submission #129, thanks...
  • I improved the appearance of the lettering. #96
  • This version shows that the logo looks good in black and white and at small sizes as well. I would include the black and white version in the final package. #95
  • Can I see this one with a pointed "A" #85
  • Really liking this. How would it look if HALEY'S was in red, the BODY SHOP and car in chrome. Also removing the mirror on the car. #81
    • @wes1 Great! Please see entries #92 and #93.

  • Custom text. Classic and simple. Hope you enjoy. Feedback is welcome. Thank you! #83
  • I like this font but I would like to see what this looked like with the letters in red and with "body shop" the way you have it in #79 #47
  • I like the back ground, still not crazy about the car. Would also like to see a different style of font on HALEY'S. #76
  • We like this except the shape of the car. #48
    • Do you have any particular model of car that you especially like that I can get inspiration from? About #48, @wes1

    • @Altruist http://www.certifymyshop.com/uploads/applicationProcess/75111/CityBodyRepairs_logo_800X500-resized.jpg Something like the shape of this car.

  • @wes1 Thanks for rating my designs. Please let me know if there are any other changes you would like to see. Thanks again.
  • Dear wes1,

    Hope you like the design.. awaiting feedback.

    Regards #70
  • Please check #58
  • We like this a lot. Is it possible to make the car shape above HALEY'S more sleek? #37
    • @wes1 Great! Please see entry #54. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Thanks

  • check and feedback please... #49
  • This is very close to what we had drawn on paper. Is it possible to change the style of lettering on "HALEY'S" ? #30