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Winning design #118 by kwik, Logo Design for halfpricejets Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kwik

Project description

Look for a sleek, sexy, stylish, logo for a new website company - halfpricejets.com The tagline/value proposition for this company is "jet set for less" meaning you can use the website to search open "dead" legs or one way jets for approximately half price!

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  • Hello Contest Holder, About entry #1: The concept here is a shape-play between the shape of the front/cockpit of a jet (reinforcing "half" a jet), and the shape of a sales tag, which implies the idea of half price. I've used a luxury color scheme and font choice, and kept it all minimal and modern. I hope you find this entry suitable. Do let me know what you think, and if you would like any alterations on the entry. Thanks for the consideration.
    • interesting and creative idea around the price tag i just dont know if the viewers will understand it although i get where you're going. i do like color scheme and font choice, pretty cool! i'll take some time to digest it a bit more. Thank you for your submission

    • Hello CH, I've uploaded entry #22, where I tighten up this design a bit, and make it more price-taggy. Hope you find it to your liking. Thanks.

  • Nice! try one making the tag all red and see if you can play with the jet set font, perhaps more of a script. Thank you for your submission
    • The script looks great. try making the price tag all red and see how that looks. Thanks!

    • Hi, Please see my design #24 thanks

  • Hello Shoversten #23...... waiting for your feedback..
  • Thanks Sarah. Perhaps have it end diagonally, basically have the plane go the opposite direction as your original. that wat i think it will look more natural. OR if you want to start the plane going from bottom to top basically have the line go from the bottom of the price tag slice through it then curve up and to the right. try that out, could be cool and follows more of a natural plane path from ground to sky. Thanks!!
  • Creative! can you make the jet fly upwards and not down? perhaps where you made the white slash mark use the arch you made with the jet instead and have it slice through the tag then point up into the sky. i think that could be cool!
    • Hi CH :) I've made the changes for you and submitted entry #12. If you prefer the previous design but would still like to see the jet flying upwards I can easily rotate the design so that the jet isn't facing down and the tag is facing right instead. Any feedback from you is greatly appreciated. I hope you hear from you soon. Thank you.

  • VERY creative! i love the scissors slicing the jet in half while also acting as wings! great stuff. the tagline font is great too. Can you create a version that just says half price jets and drop the .com? And perhaps try to play with the font of the name a little.
  • very well done! creative and the price tag works! Can you make a couple tweaks - 1 eliminate the S on the end of Jets and try to find a nice font for the caption that is different then the name and showcases luxury, class, style, fashion. nothing too crazy. Thanks for your submission
  • Hello, I've posted entry #2 I tried to be diferent from the first post. (more minimalistic and more webdesign like). Let me know if you like this graphic style of the logo and what I can change to make it better. Thanks!
  • HI CH, I uploaded the design #27. Please feedback. Thank you :)
  • also reference the script of #3, looks like what i'm going for in terms of style, be curious to see your thoughts on color. Thanks!
    • Hi shoversten, how about my new update design? thanks again

  • can you rotate the logo so the jet is horizontal instead of vertical. i'd be interested to see how that looks Thank you!
  • 43 is looking pretty good! i like it. can you see how a gold color font looks on the tag line. i'm curious. Thank you. its getting there
  • Hello CH. I have submitted #44. I hope this is to your liking. Thanks, Paul
  • nice. try making price black and put some spacing between the words and see how that looks. the jet set looks great. If you can play around with the font of Half Price Jets i'd love to see a couple different versions you like. it looks too traditional right now i'd like to go a little more stylish, edgy, luxurious, something along those lines....Thanks agin
    • Hi Shoversten, thanks for feedback. please see my update design and i'm playing around on the font. thanks again

  • Hi CH, I submitted #34, can you give me some feedback? thanks
  • well done. the gold is a nice touch and the script below looks like someone wrote it which is cool. Can you play a little with the Half Price Jets font type. It looks very much like Times New Roman and very traditional and i'd like to be a little more explorative, sleek, trendy, sexy, upscale than that but obviously easily legible too. See if you can play around with it and dream up an idea or too. The price tag is fantastic and well done
    • Hello Shoversten, how about my new design? I tried to find some new fonts #54, #55, #56. Thanks for feedback.

    • Thanks. Wi like where we're going, perhaps take a look at some of the brands here - http://www.lvmh.com/the-group/lvmh-companies-and-brands a collection of some of the world's most luxurious brands and let me know if anything comes to mind. I like Moet Chandon and Veuve. Scroll over some of them and see if anything clicks! thank you

  • Nice!
  • really creative with the plane, wing, face, and a check all working together! very cool how you pulled all that together just not the look i'm going for. Thank you for your creative interpretation though, really impressive!
    • Thank you very for your kind words! I came with #94, the new version of previous one, thinking maybe a percentage sign (wing and motor circles) wasn't clear enough. Still, I didn't want it to be too obvious, but more elegant streamline. I am hoping you may like this version better. I am open for any suggestions you may have. Kind regards.

  • curious. i really like the font you did below. can you take that and apply it to Half Price Jets and see how that looks? I'd like to see that. You can script the tagline or do whatever else you think looks good. Thanks!
    • Hello, I done changes you asked me. Please look at it #82, #83 and thanks for feedback. I done some design with different fonts, too #84, #85, #86.

  • too big.