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Winning design #104 by 360ds, Logo Design for Handmade soaps made from camels milk needs funky logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 360ds

Project description

Ideally I'd like a logo which features a camel in it and the words Essential Soaps. As I expand the product line this logo will need to be modifiable so I can exchange the camel part of the logo for something african (a tree or elephant) in the future. I like color, but would like to keep the use of colors as simple as possible as it will keep printing costs down in the future. This logo will also go on business cards, letters etc. As I might need to arabize the logo at some point in the future it needs to be a logo that can be modified to incorporate arabic script.

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  • Revised logo in green. Camel flipped and reworked, added a crescent to suggest Arabic origin. Keeping it in 2 tones so far to save on print costs, happy to do a 4-color version if you like.
  • You can change the camel to any other animal you want and i ll be glad to try it with any other language you want including Arabic. Thank you and good luck.
  • your entry is too close to another designer idea/concept http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/handmade-soaps-made-from-camels-milk-needs-funky-logo/entry/6/report
  • Dear SteviL, here's my first design in your contest. My inspiration were clean and round shapes of the desert landscape. Thanks in advance! Boris
  • Could you change colours. Maybe stronger colour for font
  • Could you put single humped camel into logo rather than double humped one.
  • Could you change camel to single humped camel. Is arabic script accurate?
  • Hi! here's your request #91, and I made one variation hope you like it #92. Regarding the "arabic type/FONTS" I'm not sure about it I just type in the word "essential soaps", but if you like to remove it I will.
  • About #84 My other draft, where I use arabic style font
  • About #85 I have revised the draft #52 with this draft #85. Where, I replace the two-humped camel into a single hump.
  • #100 #101 I made some new and fresh concepts. Hope you consider. Thank you
  • really like ur design, think its clean and organic with its illustrated lines
  • I hope you will consider #135, it is unique ad people would love to have a soap with such logo on it!. Slm
  • black and white version of #150.I know your concern about printing costs, so I wanted to show that this design work in black and white as well as colors. thanks
  • hello SteviL, here is my concept : the bubbly camel ! Camel can be easily replaced by another animal if needed (elephant).
  • good evening... thank you for choosing my design... i will send to you the new design now...
  • #104. Thank you for the very simple but effective winning design. Before I finalize could you please check that the camel above the words is centered. It looks slightly off centre (to the left). Can you confirm it is centered and if not redo. thanks
  • Many thanks, thought that might be a problem.
  • i will send to you right now the new revise design... kindly please check for some changes... thank you....
  • good day... sorry for the late response, i am experiencing problem with the internet connection yesterday, but now it's okay... first the eps file is okay to use in different sizes and different colors backgrounds, it can be edited..