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Winning design #67 by Yumekun, Logo Design for Handyman Plus Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Yumekun

Project description

Handyman Plus is located in Chattanooga, TN and is a one stop shop for all your repair and building needs. Our tag line is "a whole lot more." We're looking for a logo that conveys the wide scope of services we provide without looking too busy. (No octopus armed men, please) We paint, build, power wash, drywall, build decks, do plumbing and electrical work, tree work etc. We thus far have loved the use of red and green. (Tried making our own design and it looked like a weird take on the red cross...halp!)

One of the things that sets us apart is incredible work done for less than our competitors. We regularly come in at least 15% below the competition's bid because we refuse to pass our infrastructure costs on to our customers. As a result we're getting calls like crazy and need to shape up our image.

We've told you what we want conveyed, and we know it's a lot to ask, ("I want to show EVERYTHING, but with only one line!!" says the crazy client, right?) but we're looking for an elegant way to display our variety, quality of work, and create a recognizable design for this company. 
You're mission should you choose to accept it, intrepid designer, is to make us something eye catching but not tacky. We need something that will look as good on the side of a van as it does on a polo. 

Good luck! 

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