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Winning design #76 by YAD, Logo Design for Harris Landscaping, Inc. Contest
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designed by YAD

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Commercial & Residential Drainage, outdoor lighting, landscaping, irrigation and grading

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  • They are not gay so the use of the gay symbol will not be acceptable. Even If reference to the equal sign was unintentional it looks just like the equal symbol used for gay rights. Other than that, it's not a bad design. Sorry
    • Dear CH.. I'm really sorry, Honestly, i do not mean make the symbol gay. I just think a initial logo with "H" I'm really Soryy, Thanks already warned.

    • Not a problem, no worries. Thank you for your designs.

  • Hi Sir. here is my entries, #14 and #20. four aspects on what your company do. hope you like it.
  • I will review these with the client in the next couple of days and let you know his preferences and comments and if we need to extent the time. I appreciate all of the entries and your efforts. Have a great weekend. If you have any more designs, please please please get them in, 3 hours to go!
  • Hello, I just posted a design #37. If you could give some feedback on whether or not the client is looking for something along these lines that would be great.
    • Not particularly looking for this style. Not a bad design, it just looks like it would be more for a security company than a landscaper.

  • Keep them coming. Client likes a couple of them but uninspired by some of the entires. Let's see something maybe with a stately big ole oak tree and some with a little more imagination! Come on guys I'm depending on you. I'll up the ante if necessary.
  • Hey CH !!! are you really looking forward for this contest ,if yes i have an idea for you ?? should i submit it... not a guaranteed contest so.....
  • Hello, look at #29 #30 and please feedback. Thanks a lot :)
  • Ok, he didn't particularly care for any of these per se though he thought there were a couple with potential. We need to go less frilly, more manly. Think realistic, stately oak tree silhouette, not cartoony, bold/semi-bold font maybe, creative yet subtle. Maybe reverse the tree out of a square, a circle. Try something creative with the name itself whether turning one of the letter into a tree, leaf, or something signifying landscape, landscaping. Wish I could offer more input but I am looking for help to pull it off or I am going to have to do it myself and I am extremely overloaded at the moment. Thank you, Good luck. Let's see some great ideas. Moving forward, I will eliminate unacceptable ideas as presented.
  • Oh yeah man definitely much better! Thank you Thank you.
  • Can you also do a version that the tree is more symmetrical from side to side, not sure about duplicating the left side or not as much as just evening out the sides and bottom edge for balance. The pointy area bottomish right side foliage is distracting from the overall balance.
    • Hi Sir bobbyparrishm, #76 as requested. i made the balance you mention. hope you like it. thank you for the feed back. thank you sir.

  • The tree looks like a fat cousin It from the Adams Family. Please remove one of the trunks ("legs"), recenter the foliage, and get rid of the birds please. Other than that, not too bad. Thank you.
    • Thank you for the feedback. I already updated my design and that was my last submission credit. I already exhausted my credits. Good luck. :-)

    • Thank you. I am new to this, what do you mean exhausted your submission credit? You can only submit limited updates? I didn't know that. I will be more careful in my requests from now on. Thank you for the entries and well wishes, I will let everyone know what he says when he comes this evening to review them. Thanks again.

    • I mean. I can no longer submit any revisions anymore.. since im still on level 4 i only have 10 credits to submit design.. unless some are rated 50 above thats the time i can submit additional revisions.

    • I understand. I will have him rate his choices when he's here. I appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

    • Thank you.. may the best for him win.. Good luck.. :-)

  • I think you are going for tree trunk and roots with this graphic but it looks just like Squidward's legs, from SpongeBob Squarepants.
  • may need to add an accent line on the left top of the leaf as well, still looks conflicting, but nice, very nice
  • same comment
  • Can you please do a version of this that has the brown leaves just white, not brown, and make the tree a little smaller please. Thank you.
    • Thanks for suggestions. I made all the changes you asked me #70. Feel free yo ask if you want to change something else.

  • Much better! Can we also put an accent above the leaf across the right side of the A just to separate it a little more. Thank you.
    • Thank you for the feedback. #69 as you suggested. Feel free to ask if you have any other suggestion.

    • Thank you. Will do. Client coming to review these tomorrow afternoon.

  • I don't know if it looks like a green bird or a caterpillar with wings, a flying slug or what, that's weird looking. And what is that blue thing?
  • Much better