Harvest Moon Pies and Cafe

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Winning design #245 by infophiphotos, Logo Design for Harvest Moon Pies and Cafe Contest
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designed by infophiphotos

Project description

I need a logo for my new company, a farm to table pie shop and cafe, which will go on all my products and signs. I would like to incorporate a moon and a pie into it if possible. I would like the "feel" to be post war 1940's, homespun, farmhouse, nurturing, simplicity, wholesome, are all adjectives. I need a font as well. The colors are very specific. Light dusty butter yellow, dusty garnet, and dusty cobalt blue. Something reminiscent of Norman Rockwell, but not that "stylistic". Tag line "Harvest Moon Pies, a little love in every bite"

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  • I would like to work on the colors just a bit more. I think the gold is perfect,but somehow the red and blue are not quite right. I think they need to be a little more cherry red and colbalt. Maybe me saying "dusty" has made them not rich enough. I would like the colors to be very rich, but not jewel tones. More like the colors you would find in a cherry or a blueberry?
    • About #245, @amanda6 As the new submission period is expired I can't submit or upload updated but I can upload updates at the time of file handover. For that you need to announce / declare the winner. Is there any other options to upload updates.
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    • @infophiphotos Hello! I thought I had declared you the winner earlier today? I will call customer support and see if I can find out what I'm doing wrong. In the mean time, could we work though my email? If you are comfortable with that, the address is amanda@fierymoonglobal.com I"ll try to figure out how to finish this up here so you can get paid!!! Thank you again for your work! I love it!

  • Dear CH, do you need any changes ? #196
    • @infophiphotos Hello! Congratulations! And thank you! You have created a perfect logo for me! I believe we have a few days to continue to work on it just a bit more? Please let me know if you can do this. Again, thank you for creating a vision for my company!

  • @amanda6 please check this #244 ... very funny and cute :D
    thanks before
  • its very cute #244
  • sorry didnt get to finish it.... was needed at work and ran out of time
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  • Brand on Monochrome colour. #234
  • message to all designers, A winner will be announced Thursday or Friday 8/4 or 8/5
  • jww
    Hi Thank you for looking at my designs, any amendments can be made at your request, Many thanks JWW #223
  • no shade, transparency, gradient, -30 % per color- exponencial cost #204
    • No! - Indonesians have to do the job

  • hello @amanda6 please check my design #220 & #219
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  • please check this #219
  • Top image are the actual colors in the brief, the bottom is just a mockup. Any criticism is appreciated thank you. #218
  • This is almost perfect. Could you please make the red a bit darker, more garnet or cherry, but keeping the dusty look? The gold part is perfect now! Thank you!
  • This is almost perfect. Could you please make the red a bit darker, more garnet or cherry, but keeping the dusty look? The gold part is perfect now! Thank you!
  • Thank you for your feedback on this concept. This one and the previous one with the black background are the same. I just wanted to see its flexibility using white and black background. #215