Harwood Acoustics

This process has been amazing. The diversity and quality of submissions for my logo contest far exceeded my expectations and the value for money is exceptional. It was difficult to select a winner simply because I was spoilt for choice. Communication with the designers themselves and the DesignContest team is seamless and helps you to maximise your results. Providing feedback and rating your preferred submissions along the way helps to steer designers in the direction you want to go. Brilliant stuff ! and the talent out there is incredible. I will use DesignContest for any future projects and would recommend to anyone. Cheers, Matt.

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Winning design #93 by Dayadrana, Logo Design for Harwood Acoustics Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dayadrana

Project description

Hi, I am starting a small business as a sole trader, as an acoustical consultant, specialising in environmental, architectural and occupational acoustics. Essentially in the environmental / engineering industry. 

Looking for a professional logo, business name is 'Harwood Acoustics' with "acoustical consulting" perhaps in smaller print underneath ? Also happy with HA in there too.
Cannot use red or green, otherwise undecided on colours at this stage. Corporate / professional rather than loud or quirky please.

Dear All, thank you so much for your wonderful input to date. I am new to this and was unsure what to include in the brief to begin with. Now I have had the chance to review the many designs submitted, I feel that the inclusion of "HA" in the logo is perhaps limiting. I would be happy to see some designs with the wording (i.e. Harwood Acoustics - Acoustical Consulting) as before, but without the need for "HA" in the logo, maybe just a symbol relating to acoustics, as has been done, such as the octave band / frequency bars, wave forms, sin waves, etc, but no need to incorporate HA any more. Also very happy with the colour scheme of dark blue and light blue, or blue and grey. Thanks again and best regards, Matt.

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  • Hi, i hope that you will like it.Please give feedback. #231
  • Hi i hope that you will like it.please give feedback. #230
  • Hi Dayadrana, could you please reverse the logo and wording to show the HS at the right hand side ? Just to see how it looks ? Thank you !! #127
  • Updated* #199
  • About #163 can you please five feedback.
  • Hi, i hope that you will like it. #163
  • Please check #160
  • thank you for rating.
    Can you give feedback? #156
  • About #147, @Angelkus
    Exciting thing in this creative is that,,,,you concentrate your eye in the middle of logo and you shall feel like moving it ....
  • Hi, Please check. #142
  • Thankyou so much, I really like this, the detail in the shading of the circles is excellent, please can you show how it would look in grey scale or black and white for printing purposes ? #93
  • please check. #126
  • please feedback to my design, thanks #120
  • Hi achala, still thinking about this. Could you make the bars a little lower, more compact ? maybe only double the height of the lettering ? also with the #23 version ?
    thank you ! #17
    • About #23, @matharwood , i made some improvements, as per your guidelines + some more experiments :-). Have a look at #117, #116, #115, #88, #89 :-)

  • Please give feedback #95, #96, #97, #98
  • The icon is sound hole of guitar. #80
  • Sorry !! Just realised my last comment you have done here. Can we please try it with the font as per #53 ? Cheers :) #36
  • Hi, kinda like this but maybe could you pit the Acoustics underneath the Harwood as per your #53 and without the blue dotted line ? thank you ! #37
  • Hi just wanted to say thank you, I like this design a lot, unfortunately it is very similar to a competitor of mine so sadly I cannot use it. #13
  • Hi achala, thank you so much for amending your design. I like this one as well as #17 still. If you like, could you please try them with a blue and grey feel, a bit like #53 colours ? Also could you please make the sin wave bars with square ends rather than rounded, just to see the difference ? Thank you so much, Matt