Hastings Lake Animal Hospital

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Winning design #151 by Fabio Piscicelli, Logo Design for Hastings Lake Animal Hospital   Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Fabio Piscicelli

Project description

Hastings Lake Animal Hospital is a veterinary practise in a small rural community caring for cats, dogs, birds, caged pets and farm pets like donkeys, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys (we don't take care of horses and cattle).  It's a lifestyle practise based on the owner's love of animals and veterinary medicine...the clinic moto is "For The Love Of Pets".   I would like a logo that is fun but stays within the realms of professional - something that would be appealing on my clinic sign but also in social medial, on our scrubs and on our trucks.  I had imagined the "Hastings Lake Animal Hospital" happily squished between a Sarah Boynton style pig and a sheep like bookends, with a lazy cat lying over the letters...maybe underneath in smaller, italicized type our moto could be written?   Thanks so much - looking forward to this!  

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  • Your logo is the one I'm choosing - congratuations and thanks so much for all your hard work! I don't know how it works from here to ensure I get all the animal drawings and the various versions we discussed for different uses? My email is drkaren.j.allen@gmail.com. Thanks again!! GReat job!! #161
  • Thankyou so much for all the hard work you have put into developing logos for me to consider - you were very responsive to my requests and I enjoyed working with you. It's very hard to pick between my three favs! the worst part of the contest is picking one. All the best! #163
  • Thankyou for all your work on these logos! I have had a very hard time choosing between my three favourites. I love your work and all the best in the future! #155
  • could I see one exactly like #116 but with the donkey added on the right hand side please if you don't mind? thx! #155
    • About #155, @drkaren_j_allen ok i will do it ...for you Dr.
      i will excuse first for my class and i will make what you request. thanks for the rating Dr.

  • About #162, @mocreative

    Dear Doctor
    do you have any modifyng about any of my logos ?
  • that is a cool effect! What is that?? #162
    • @drkaren_j_allen this is 3D effect for logo preview in acrylic material or other :)

  • I think i prefer the heart in the original right hand position although this one is more balanced. What do you think? #161
  • the donkey is not quite right for me - he needs a longer neck and hooves instead of toes please :) Thankyou for doing this last minute stuff! #161
  • HLAH-11

    Hello again,

    Here's a few updated version previews:

    – On top, the main graphic with the added donkey (which I reshaped and recolored, see if you like it) and a repositioned chicken for visual balance.

    – In the middle left, the reduced version with just the pig, the cat and the sheep (the cat is relaxedly looking ahead, if you like that expression).

    – In the middle right, a minimized version of the main design for a scale preview (in the lighter blue hue).

    – At the bottom left, the text & accents version in color contrast (in white and dark blue).

    – At the bottom right, the text + animal lineup contrast version including the donkey, and a centered "For the Love of Pets" line.

    I'm ready for your next notes. #161
  • this is good - could you give me a donkey as one of my extra animals please? :) And would it be possible to have a really simple version with just the pig, sheep and the cat - no flower or dog or chicken? Then I think I have all my options covered for using this logo. I like the heart better this way :) I want to be able to use this logo on everything - signage, website, facebook, stationary, clothing, on our vehicles and on mugs and waterbottles etc. I just want to make sure I have everything I need for this. Thanks so much! #151
    • About #151, @drkaren_j_allen Ask, and ye shall receive: I'll prepare the new versions you specified in a preview.
      I'd be stoked too to see such a fun graphic on all kinds of media, and people would surely notice; I think it'd look especially awesome on a van!
      Thanks for the great feedback.

  • HLAH-10

    Here are some more previews of new versions:

    – On top, the updated version with a closed line heart and a subtle arching of the "Animal Hospital" text to match with shapes,
    – In the middle left, a version with the heart nestled between "Animal Hospital" (+ minor text arching),
    – In the middle right, a version with a lighter blue (+ minor text arching),
    – At the bottom left, a version in simple color contrast with just text and accents,
    – At the bottom right, the simplified color contrast version with an alternate animal lineup underneath the text.

    Let me know what you like of the suggested additions and changes and about any new ones you'd like to try out. #151
  • About #146, @mocreative Dear, doctor what is the animals do you need to add/reduce in this direction ??
  • The only thing I would change on this is could we have the line for the heart be solid without that break in it please? This font is good for me - it's probably the font you first started with right?! lol! Fonts are so confusing! thanks so much! #137
    • About #137, @drkaren_j_allen Sure. Indeed, ironically this font is very close to the one I had used first ("Adobe Garamond Pro")... fonts can be confusing when closely shaped, that's why there's also a wild variety of them and, at times, too many possible choices.

  • okay I'm debating about what kind of animal the grey long eared critter is - rabbit? Sorry! A different dog? #140
    • About #140, @drkaren_j_allen Hah, it's a donkey! It's a draft, of course, so I could whittle it out with more detail if you'd like it included.

  • I like the addition of the grass here - maybe this grass in #143? #144
    • About #143, @drkaren_j_allen ... find i'll add it :)
      Thnx doctor

  • I love the motion with all these animals! If I go with one of your logos can you provide me with the extra animals so we can add/reduce animals on the logo for different purposes? thx! #146
    • About #146, @drkaren_j_allen sure doctor i can do it and i'll suggest the more animals farm jumping for you
      Thx :)

  • I just realized there needs to be an S on the end of Hasting please :) Thanks! #116
  • Thanks for your entries! I still prefer Fabio's rendition of this logo. All the best! #134
  • I love this moon with the longer curled ends :) it's adorable with the sheep sitting on there - can't decide if I like the pig jumping the moon or the sheep sitting on there!! #145
  • HLAH-9

    This sample version features added animals – a turkey and a donkey – which could be added, swapped with or used for standalone/alternate layouts. #140