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We're looking for a logo to be created or a new Guest Loyalty program we are creating called "Hatteras PLUS". The Hatteras PLUS program will be a place for our guests to plan their vacation, see their stay history, and manage their reservation. We'd like the logo to have a similar look and feel to our current primary logo (please view attached image). Incorporating a similar or more simple font, as well as other elements that create a classy beach feel are a bonus. Please also try to incorporate the Hatteras Realty anchor into your concept. 

Hatteras Realty -http://www.hatterasrealty.com 

Additional Specs: Logo should be optimized for print and retina display. Primary web use of the logo will require a width of 165px with a minimum height of 50px and a maximum height of 70px. Should be readable scaled at 50% of this width. Will require a final eps and an .ai source file including a list of fonts being used. Provide black and white option. provide horizontal and vertical (stacked) option.

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  • @yolandayee Can you do a version of #54 with a more simple, clean font for the PLUS? #54
    • @yolandayee Also could you rotate the anchor to angle the other direction?

    • @HatterasRealty, as much as i would, however the contest has expired. thanks

  • @kwik Can you do a version of this with the anchor black and Mistral font for Hatteras? #30
    • About #30, @HatterasRealty Hi, sorry for delay, i will revision but contest expired...

  • @bandhuji These are good submissions, however, the anchor MUST be flipped horizontally.. it was correct in the first versions you did. It should match the anchor logo in the brief. The large part on the bottom should be on the left (not the right). Sorry for any confusion. Can you update?
    • @HatterasRealty I am sorry I couldn't get it right earlier I was actually in a hurry to make it fast because of the shortage of time . I got it now and am ready with the design as well. But I am afraid, I can not submit it now as the contests is over now. Please let me know the way out . I am ready for any other further changes also if required.Thank You.

    • @bandhuji Now the Icon is exactly in the same direction matching the brief icon. The bigger side on the left. Thank You.

  • Another version
  • Slightly thinner font. #102
  • @nebralski Looks good. Could you do a single of the top middle version with black instead of grey? #88
    • @HatterasRealty Hi. Let me see if i understand you. You need a single version of these last three? Is that it? You would like to see the middle one? Correct? And the background black instead of grey? Is that it?

  • Hi, few more ideas for your consideration. #97
  • Please flip anchor horizontally #95
  • #93 Angle looks good but should not be flipped- would like it to reflect original logo- more similar to #91 #93
  • @bandhuji Looks good.. can you tilt the anchor the other direction? Sorry for the confusion #90
    • About #90, @HatterasRealty Submitted.

  • @bandhuji Can you make the anchor slightly smaller on #89 and tilt it the other direction? Sorry for the confusion #89
  • @bandhuji Could you try moving the anchor in front of the text to lead in with the anchor and make it longer? Also maybe tilt the anchor left some? #73
  • @bandhuji Could you try a version of this with the anchor box in front of the text (and even with the font) so it would be longer? #75
  • @nebralski Could you try another version of #70 with the Hatteras Realty anchor, a different font and all capital letters for PLUS? #70
    • @HatterasRealty Hi! Sure! I'm working on it!

    • @HatterasRealty


      Just did!
      If you consider that the font type is not what you expected..please give me a feedback.
      Thank you!

    • @nebralski The updated version still doesn't have our Hatteras Realty anchor. Would you be able to incorporate that specific anchor?

    • @HatterasRealty Sorry. I didn't understand that detail...sorry! Can you please re-upload the EPS file? Is off line! Thank you in advance!

    • @HatterasRealty Hello again. Please chech my last upload, already with the HATTERAS anchor. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you

    • @daniel258 We like how the anchor flows into the HP, but the Hatteras font is still not hitting the mark on this one.

  • @bandhuji Can you try to make the anchor stand out a bit more? Maybe with a lighter background or a white anchor? #56
    • @HatterasRealty Thanks for the feedback. I'll show you soon. Thank You.

  • @bandhuji Can you do a version of #48 without the shadow, all capital letters for the PLUS and a different font for Hatteras? #48
    • @HatterasRealty Thanks for the feedback. I'll show you soon. Thank You.

  • @bandhuji Can you show #53 on a white background without the angled view like on #51? #53
    • @HatterasRealty Thanks for the feedback. I'll show you soon. Thank You.

  • @daniel258 Could you try another version of #34 with different fonts for Hatteras and PLUS? #34
  • @logoji Can you try a version of #35 with our Hatteras Realty anchor and all capital letters for the PLUS? #35