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Winning design #69 by kingsandy, Logo Design for HD-eKJ Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kingsandy

Project description

Need a Logo for a software product. The product is a complete IT-system used for alcohol and drug treatment. The name of the product is "HD-eKJ", and it is an electronic patient journal system. The system consists of various modules, for example: patient journal, patient calendar, medicine administration, USB-connected automated Methadone dosing machine, document archive, etc. It is desired that the logo is composed of a square Icon on the left side and the name of the product "HD-eKJ" on the right side. The icon part we would like to use as the icon of the software package. So it is desirable to get a Logo where the text/name "HD-eKJ" is not incorporated in the icon itself. Alternative idea: As the product name is short, an alternative suggestion could be, to combine the product name and the icon. Dropping the "-" and using "HD" above and "EKJ"/"eKJ" below. Like an emblem or shield etc.

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  • I thought your were a software control program for people with alcohol and drug problems. The eye would be a symbol of control, the patient's overall vision. It would be easier for all desingners if you could give more details about your product, so you can get a valid work. What is the font that you prefer? Could you give an example of just how referral? Thank you. Best regards.
  • The icon looks polished, although it is a bit anonymous. I would like a bit more rounded font.
  • I like the dot, instead of the "-". Gives it a nicer look. The font also looks fine. Maybe slightly smaller.
  • Thanks for your design. I do not think the eye is relevant as the icon. The mirror effect should not be there. And the font is not usable for me.
  • Hej Christopher, Tak for dine designs. Det er rigtigt at farven er lidt skrap/for mørk, som jeg ser det her. Selve ikonet pÃ¥ begge designs, er for anonymt ifht. at det gerne skal kunne bruges selvstændigt. Teksten virker for stor pÃ¥ #2 - men ok pÃ¥ #1. Undertitlen pÃ¥ #1 skal være noget andet hvis den skal være der, men det skal jeg tænke over. Som jeg netop har skrevet i Brief, sÃ¥ kunne en alternativ ide være at samle ikon og tekst i et kvadratisk eller rundt/skjold/emblem logo. Da teksten ikke er sÃ¥ lang, kan det muligvis godt integreres. Det var lige mine umiddelbare kommentarer.
  • The icon part should be usable as an independant icon, which I do not think this one can. The font should have a more modern feel. I need a more polished look.
  • Hej David111111. Glæder mig til at hører fra jer vedr. mine designs ( #1 #2 ) Den blÃ¥ farve ser meget stærk ud men i den originale fil er de mere mat i det. Evt. noget der mangler eller skal laves om sÃ¥ skriv endelig. Mvh/ Christopher
  • The font is better than the last one used. The icon is still too anonymous. See my other comment regarding the ideas concerning symbols in the icon.
  • I would like an icon with better symbols, as described in the other comment. Your design has a nice finish. I would like the font to be more straight, unlike seen as here with the H and K.
  • The icon looks good, however it should contained within a square, to be used for a desktop icon. And as also written in the latest comment, the symbols used in the icon should be relevant for the endusers (eg. pills/syringe/bottle/etc.). The font should have a more modern look.
  • Thanks a lot for the many nice logo suggestions so far. To be more clear about what I want, I will add the following: The software is special designed to the area of alcohol and drug treatment. I'm thinking about including House, bottle, pills or syringe or similar/something like that in the icon. The house because it represents the place where the clients come and get their "treatment" and/or " Place to stay" and also the social aspect of meeting others and talk etc. Bottle and pills/Syringe because it represents why people gets treated there.
  • SCH
    Hi CH, My designs idea for the Icon/symbol is a combination of Bottle + Pill. please see the entry of #40, #44 & #45. Thank you :) best regards sch
  • Dear CH, I just submitted #43....... Thank you, DM
  • Could the font be more straight, without the curves as the "K" has. Maybe drop the house and replace with f.ex. documentation/journal symbol. The wire takes too much space - could be dropped or altered in some way.
  • The last "J" should be uppercase. The icon should have a complete frame, with no whitespace.
  • The "-" should be there in some form. The font I would like to be more sharp, without the rounded corners. The icon could be something else, see my comment about this.
  • CKS
    #31 Hello, thank you for your feedback so far. Send to you this new version, hope get your review again. Regards. Erick
  • Please. Would like to know your opinion about my project 52. thank you
  • Like the Icon, the bottle has a bit strange shape. Could you give it a try with another font maybe?
  • Very nice design. Could you try with the elements described in the comments. House-bottle-pills/Syringe in the Icon?