Head Over Heels Gymnastics

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Winning design #114 by Jacky, Logo Design for Head Over Heels Gymnastics Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jacky

Project description

I need a fun, modern, playful logo for a kids gymnastics school.I prefer that the logo be gender-neutral to avoid excluding either gender. But I would like some sort of abstract gymnast on it. I would like stars on the logo as well. I would like to use it for the website banner, signage, letterhead, and printing and embroidering on merchandise. The colors I would like are Purple & Lime Green.

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  • It seems like they are two different logos. Is there anyway to make the two look more together?
  • I like the guy better. The only problem is that it almost looks like 2 seperate logos. I know I dont want the purple ribbon completely crossing the words like in #13 but can you maybe try the placement like more in #7 and add in the bottom purple ribbon that will have the same type of placement as the top ribbon only on the bottom. Hope that kind of makes sense. Also can we still make the gymnastics bigger and make the Y the correct way and no period. Thanks! Love the work you are doing!
  • Dear CH, please check my draft #16. I added the other limb
  • I would like the graphic to be more modern. Also can you just make it so it says Head Over Heels Gymnastics?
  • I dont like the guy in the star....it is more like a weightlifter and not a gymnast.
  • Any way we could keep the purple waves but get them off the words?? This gymnast is better but I would like something that looks like it has two legs.
  • I would like something more modern and the figure has to be gender neutral. Also it is Heels not Heel
  • I need the gymnast to be gender neutral.
  • this is definitely in the right direction. Would you be able to add a couple more purple swirls & make the gymnastics bigger? Also could you make the guy in the star look less like a runner and more like a gymnast. Something upside down??
  • This is not going to be appropriate for our business. It is a childrens gymnastics school and a high heel doesnt really make sense.
  • It is Heels not Heel. I would prefer if the gymnast was more abstract and gender neutral. I would also prefer stars on the logo
  • I would like the work gymnastics and also a gender neutral abstract gymnast
  • dear ch.. please check my design.. its entry #3.. also please delete the entry #2 because the word gymnastic has a wrong color... thank you... :)
  • @PH - please check my updated design ( Draft no : 47 & 48 ) designs & provide me feedback for any changes desired to make it perfect per your expectations. Thanks
  • Hey Jacky; Being the highly rated designer in this contest, you don't have to copy my #36 icon... Develop your OWN icon. Your entries #40 #41 #42 are duplicates of my icon on the "O" Regards; Jctoledo
  • This design in not abstract enough
  • Can you try different font and add some stars into the design?
  • Would you be able to make different font? Also maybe add a ribbon/curvy line somewhere in the design
  • Can you try to have the legs split.
  • Can you try to make the body skinnier.