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Had a great response to our logo design contest. There were so many great entries that is was very hard to decide but finally decided on a the best one for us that suited all our needs. Thanks

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Winning design #103 by Papos, Logo Design for Healing Everywhere Contest
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designed by Papos

Project description

Hi, We need a logo for our website that should be circular in nature...feeling quantum but also hand made. So it should reflect infinity and wholeness ( ie everywhere) but also have a human touch. Simple almost zen like but not new agey. Logo type should say Healing Everywhere and tag line is "Be well now" Tag line should be able to be displayed or not. Thanks

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  • Dear Stephanie, Please accept my design #33. Any feedback would be appreciated. Hope you like it. Best Regards, pb16
  • Hello, a few words on: - no. 26: green tea leaves, blue planet (Earth), the Moon/Sun,water - no. 32: the Fibonacci sequence and the golden section found 'everywhewre'in nature(seeds, flowers, petals, pine) and Aloe polyphylla (Spiral Aloe). Just a try :) Regards, Teeyanna
  • Dear CH , I've submitted my idea in design #18, Tried to represent healing via the palm & blossom. Tried to get the hand made look while keeping it simple as much as possible. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Regards bukiid
  • Hi I'm number 12. I've just joined this site recently so I'm new to this system, however I tried my best to design a logo for your theme. Give some comments or adjustments you would like me to make (if any). Much appreciated.
  • Hi MizRosah, Thanks but we already have a company that uses the infinity symbol as part of the logo so want to stay more with a circle image - spirals or something in the realm.
  • Hello. I have submitted design #10. I have used an infinity symbol as the main visual element and I tried to keep it very simple. Design #11 used a golden color for the symbol without the tagline. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
  • I am number 5! Wasn't sure what you meant by "hand made", but I tried to make it simplistic and modern looking. While there are no hands on there or anything, the multiple circles represent human touch, like how a finger touches a still surface of water. I appreciate feedback! Thank you.
  • Hi Bailey, Thanks for your questions - I am thinking about a circle/ spirial ( as meaning whole or infinite) but want it to look a bit hand made - the type should be thin and modern - not script. Colors are blue /toward the gray and gold Thanks again -hope this helps
  • #2 Is my design. I'm unsure what you meant by circular. I made the logo itself circular but left the text horizontal. If you were looking for something else please let me know. I would also appreciate any other feedback about font, color and logo that you might have, Thank you. :) -B
  • Hi CH I have submitted a design #45. Please check the design and give feedback. Thank You
  • Thank you for the feedback. I have submitted #35 and #36. These concepts use a spiral as the "e" in everywhere. Each design also explores different typefaces. Please let me know if you'd like to see any changes.
  • Hi All, Thanks so much for your entries. We are extending the contest for one more week and we would like to see more ideas with a quantum influence - without figures or plants...Thanks again
  • Regarding my entry #63, I read your answers to some of the other artists and read what you had in mind, so I did a second entry. Hope you like. Mara
  • Regarding my entry #62, I kept it minimal but joyous. Hope you like. Thanks, Mara
  • Hi CH...... Please check my design #50 #51 #95... Thanks